At Last, We Are So Pleased To Announce Some More Very Special Voyages Of Maritime Memories

What wonderful memories so many of us have of the days when sailing aboard the magnificent ships of the past was a very special experience indeed.  Well, we might not be able to bring back those wonderful ships, but with our up-coming cruises we can give you the next best thing…

​A Voyage Aboard Fred. Olsen Line’s Magnificent “Black Watch”

 Yes, she’s not another of those monstrous floating blocks of flats, but a real ship with real seafaring people.

She’s a ship that’s been designed by hand and not just another computerised generated copy, so as ships were in the past, she has her own unique individuality. At just 28,563 gross tons she has acres of wide open decks and is so tastefully furnished in traditional elegance, so to give her less than 800 passengers the sort of style we once knew during that oh so beautiful golden age of ocean travel, although I have to say, the rooms (cabins) are a little more luxurious than the ones I used to have to sleep in on some of my old ships!

You know, one of the very best cruises we ever did was in the early days when we sailed all the way down to Rio and Buenos Aires aboard the MV Discovery, and you can ask anyone who came with us on that voyage, it was something we cherish and will remember for always. Well, our ship for this voyage, the Black Watch. is owned and run by one of the world’s most famous Maritime names, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, whose ships I remember seeing in London Docks when I was but a young boy, and never dreamt back then that I would ever sail aboard one of them, especially all these years later aboard the beautiful Black Watch.  So come on, get those suitcases out and let’s all go on a voyage that will take us far away from the maddening crowds, aboard a fantastic ship where we can really enjoy being at sea as we used to enjoy it years ago, as well as taking us to a myriad of small, fascinating ports, the sort of places few modern cruise ships can even fit in to.

Coming Up In 2020

As well as being a great shipping company with just the type of passengers ships we know you will like, Fred Olsen’s know of Maritime Memories and want to give us all the things we used to enjoy so much aboard the wonderful old “Discovery” So, you’ll be able to enjoy   Maritime talks from our own great guest speakers, we’ll also have screenings of rare maritime films, cocktail parties and all being well, I (Des) will even do my bit to help bring on the endless fun. There’s more than plenty to do aboard of course, with the ship’s own, top entertainment, inexpensive drinks and bars, food as good as you’ll find aboard cruise ships, wide open decks, swimming pools… Oh, and there are the actual cruises themselves, cruises that, knowing from all our experience of sailing with you, will give us all those special things no other cruises on earth can give, thereby ensuring our voyages will be so special, voyages that will be holidays of a lifetime that only we at Maritime Memories, working together with Fred’ Olsen Cruises Lines can give you, for together we are unique   

Our first cruise for 2020 will be a 14 night sunshine cruise to the Canaries, sailing from Liverpool on 28th April 2020 , calling at Lisbon, Maderia, the Canaries, Arrecife (Lanzarote) Portimao (Algrave)  Leixoes (Portugal) and then home, with fares starting from just £1,809 pp for an ocean-view twin room.


Our second cruise will also sail from Liverpool, this time on 16th October 2020, taking us to some of those really nice continental places so many of us have said we would love to go to:  Rotterdam, Antwerp, actual daytime cruising up the River Seine in France to beautiful Rouen, and then onto to one of those really picturesque French towns, Honfleur, returning to Liverpool on the 25th Oct…For us personally, as well as lots of interesting sightseeing, it will also be a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping, giving us the chance to buy gifts with a difference. With fares for this cruise starting at just £1,139 pp for an interior twin room, which, when you consider all that’s included, then in cruising terms they’re really excellent value – especially when you also take into account he hidden costs a lot of cruise lines now surprise you with.

So, here’s to us all meeting again soon, and having more really fantastic holidays at sea.


We really look forward to hearing from you, and to us all sailing off into a world of happiness again next year! Just to summarize: for DVDs, prints or news on cruising, please call 00 44 (0) 1273 585391 or email: or go to our main website at:   We need all the help and support we can get, but we also enjoy hearing from you.   


To book for the new cruises or to ask any questions, please go to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, direct, where their very friendly reservations team are aware of us and will be only too pleased to look after you. The direct number for them is: 0800 0355 122 or 01473 742424 and quote Maritime Memories group account code GRP0290 followed by the cruise information. They’re open from 8am – 8pm Mon to Fri, 9am – 5pm Sat & 10am – 4pm Sun…    Oh, and as we are a group, Maritime Memories isn’t bookable on line via Fred Olsen’s or our websites, but only by telephone, as instructed here… They really are very nice people, so if you want to make sure you get the cruise and accommodation you would prefer, then contact them as soon as you can.  Remember, the general rule with bookings is that its always the lowest and highest priced accommodation that goes first.