Sale of some magnificent original paintings by Robert G. Lloyd

Our world is blessed with many fine maritime artists, but every now and again one comes along that is very special indeed; Robert G. Lloyd is one of those special artists. Today, Robert’s work is very much sought after and can be found exhibited in art galleries, museums, aboard some of the world’s most celebrated ocean liners and even in Buckingham Palace.

We are so fortunate to be able to sell Limited Edition fine art prints of Robert’s work, which are so popular worldwide, but now for the first time, we are able to sell some of his wonderful originals.

We sell them with mixed feelings for they are an important part of a special collection of his work that we commissioned Robert to do.We take great pride in our maritime DVDs, and go to enormous lengths to make sure that what we do is nothing but the very best, and that’s why we went to such great lengths to have Robert’s work as the centre piece of their covers. Those DVD/Video sleeves are quite special, and we have many people all over the world collecting them, which in turn makes the original paintings so much more important and collectable, adding to their value.

We have now produced a staggering 43 DVDs, all with original artwork and as a consequence have so many paintings that we’re rapidly running out of living space.

So, unless we move to much larger premises, we have little option other than to take the painful decision to sell some of these precious works of art.

It’s very seldom that paintings by Robert Lloyd become available, especially the ones featured on the front of our artwork, but as the old saying goes… One man’s loss is another man’s gain, so now is your chance to make one of these beautiful works of art your own.

If you do buy one of these paintings, then it’s worth remembering that when you stop to admire it as it hangs pleasingly in your home or office, not only is it special to look at, but it will go on increasing in value, and there aren’t too many things you can say that about these days is there!

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