Port Chalmers New Zealand

We asked Robert to do a painting set in the middle part of the last century, of one of those beautiful little ports that can be found dotted all around the coast of New Zealand, and this is what he came up with… the beautiful little maritime home of Port Chalmers.

When you look at the painting you can almost touch the tranquillity of the little port, yet at the same time we get a magical view of just some of the magnificent old ships that were once so much part of it daily life.

Shown tied up alongside here, from left to right are Union Steam’s Komata, NZSCo’s Hinakura, Federal Lines, Cambridge, Blue Star’s Australia Star and Port Line’s Port Fairy. What a perfect maritime summer’s day this painting has to give.

The size of this painting, framed in antique guilt is 36″ X 29″ inches and is featured on the front of Episode 20 in the Great Liners Video series, “Ships To New Zealand (Part 3)



How to buy

This is the only time we will sell Robert Lloyd originals, so we hope you will appreciate and enjoy the ones on offer. We have decided it would be wrong to price them here, so for further information call us on: +44 (0) 1273 585391 or +44 (0) 1273 584470 or email des@snowbow.co.uk