Maritime Film Archive

Snowbow holds the biggest maritime film and sound archive in the world, covering rare scenes of shipping from the end of the 1800s through to the end of the 20th Century.  Our DVD series ‘The Great Liners’ is a collection of hundreds of rare clips of seaports of virtually every country in the world in their golden heyday and all the shipping lines and ships that once served those countries. It is by far the most comprehensive maritime film archive in the whole world.  These film clips have been restored to their former glory to the highest technical standards and in formats that make them ideal for use in TV, film and on the Internet.

The archive below lists all the clips of rare film used in our library of DVDs. If you’re looking for film of a particular ship, port or location, use our searchable archive to find the DVD that contains the clips you’re looking for.

How to use the archive

  1. Search for a particular clip using keywords. Enter the name of the ship, port, location etc. into the search box to pull up any instance of film containing that search term. To search for a particular phrase add quotation marks around the phrase e.g. “Queen Mary”.
  2. Clicking on the title of a particular column will order the archive by that column, e.g. click on the ‘Ship’ heading to list the ships in ascending alphabetical order. Click again to see in Descending order. Columns can be ordered before or after using the keyword search.
  3. The page shows the first 50 entries. Click on next at the bottom of the page to see the next 50 entries. The number of entries shown per page can be changed by changing the number at the top of the archive

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Episode 01ChusanP&O19502421500:01:1803:22Passenger embarkation at Tilbury. Sailing, with tugs Wellington and Cervia. Scenes on board
Episode 01OrcadesOrient Line19482816400:04:4006:04Boat train from Waterloo to Southampton. Sailing from Ocean Terminal. Scenes on board.
Episode 01OrontesOrient Line19291997000:07:0000:05Passing at sea
Episode 01HimalayaP&O19482795500:10:4405:29Passengers embarking at Tilbury. Scenes on board. Port said. Suez canal transit. Aden. Lord Howe Island. Suva, Fiji.
Episode 01OronsayOrient Line19512763200:16:1508:23Sailing from Southampton. Scenes on board including commentary from Captain
Episode 01OrsovaOrient Line19542879000:24:3806:27Sailing from Vancouver on Pacific cruise. Scenes on board. Honolulu. Fiji. Passing under Sydney Harbour bridge
Episode 01OrcadesOrient Line19482816400:23:1800:30Passing at sea
Episode 01ArcadiaP&O19542973400:31:0508:25Sailing from San Francisco. Scenes on board. Alaska
Episode 01OrianaP&O-Orient Line19604191500:39:3007:30Scenes on board. Panama Canal transit. Curacao.
Episode 01CanberraP&O19614573300:47:0007:50New Zealand and Sydney
Episode 02Edinburgh CastleUnion Castle19482870500:01:1508:22Boat train Union Castle Express hauled by MN Class No 35002 Union Castle. Sailing from 105 berth. Scenes on board. Call at Madeia, Funchal. Arrival Cape Town. Embarkation and sailing for UK.
Episode 02Pretoria CastleUnion Castle19482870500:06:5200:15Passing at sea
Episode 02Pendennis CastleUnion Castle19582244200:09:3705:50At East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Scenes on board. Las Palmas
Episode 02Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764000:15:2814:07Building at Cammell Laird yard, Birkenhead. Launch. Sailing from Southampton on maiden voyage on 18th August 1960. Scenes on board. Arrival Cape Town.
Episode 02Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764000:17:1001:13Launching at Cammell Laird yard. Birkenhead
Episode 02Transvaal CastleUnion Castle19623021200:29:4510:00Embarking at Southampton. Sailing. Scenes on board. Las Palmas
Episode 02Reina del MarUnion Castle19552150100:39:4506:10Cruising. Valetta, Malta, Naples, Gibraltar. Scenes on board
Episode 02SA VaalSafMarine19623021200:46:0001:10Ex- Transvaal Castle
Episode 02Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764000:47:2005:22Final sailing from Cape Town, Tuesday 6th September 1977
Episode 0300:03:3503:55General views of Londons Royal docks.
Episode 03HaparangiNew Zealand Shipping Co19471128100:10:46Short clip
Episode 03Dominion MonarchShaw Savill & Albion19392646300:08:3500:37Christmas tree. Sailing from KGV dock
Episode 03Dominion MonarchShaw, Savill & Albion19392646300:09:4000:10Locking out of KGV dock
Episode 03MalabarT & J Brocklebank1943728000:09:1200:28Liberty ship. Locking out of KGV dock
Episode 03DurhamFederal Line19341090900:31:1500:07In Galveston
Episode 03KentFederal Line19603176300:11:1701:15Tanker. Sailing from Isle of Grain. Passing Dover. Dropping pilot
Episode 03KentFederal Line19603176300:14:0003:30Scenes on board including hurricane weather. Tank washing machine
Episode 03KentFederal Line19603176300:19:4001:00Suez canal transit
Episode 03KentFederal Line19603176300:24:1800:22Loading in a Far East port
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:07:3000:21Loading cargo
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:12:3301:27Cadet ship. Cadets at work and play
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:17:3502:05Scenes on board. Port said. Suez canal transit. Aden bumboats.
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:20:4202:42Maintenance. Arrival Sydney. Cadets going ashore in uniform
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:29:1201:48Loading fridge cargo. Refrigeration plant
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:33:2002:10Engineroom. Doxfords. Engine cadets classroom instruction
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:42:4404:00Panama canal transit. Heavy weather scenes
Episode 03OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:50:5800:17End of voyage at Liverpool. Inspection of cadets
Episode 03HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:23:4100:34Scenes on bridge. Commentary by Captain Guyler
Episode 03HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:28:4200:30Preparation for sailing from Auckland
Episode 03HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:31:1502:05Loading cargo. Sailing just before Christmas. Christmas at sea
Episode 03HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:35:3005:16In Pacific. Pitcairn Island. Panama canal transit. Curacao
Episode 03HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:49:4001:18Scenes on board. Maintenance. Arrival London
Episode 03Southern CrossShaw Savill & Albion19552020300:37:0300:07In Panama Canal
Episode 03RangitotoNew Zealand Shipping Co19492180900:26:4501:55Loading meat in New Zealand
Episode 03HaparangiNew Zealand Shipping Co19471128100:31:15Short clip. Transshipping cargo from Durham in Galveston
Episode 03Thompson LykesLykes Lines1941676300:42:0000:43Type C1-B standard. Severe weather.
Episode 03Thompson LykesLykes Lines1941676300:46:4502:53Entering Manchester Ship Canal
Episode 03Sue LykesLykes Lines1945817900:48:5500:18Type C2-S-AJ1 standard. In locks on Mamchester Ship Canal
Episode 03Cyprian PrincePrince Line1949235800:47:3000:14Passing in Manchester Ship Canal
Episode 03Irish PoplarIrish Shipping1956802300:47:5600:14Passing in Manchester Ship Canal
Episode 04AscaniaCunard White Star19251444000:03:2300:11
Episode 04AsiaCunard White Star1947872300:03:3400:17Arriving Surrey Commercial Dock, London
Episode 04GeorgicWhite Star Line19322775900:03:5100:11At London
Episode 04BritannicWhite Star Line19302766600:04:0200:21At Tilbury
Episode 04BritannicWhite Star Line19302766600:05:3300:10Departure Liverpool
Episode 04MauretaniaCunard White Star19393567700:04:2301:10Entering King George V dock, London. Departure from Liverpool
Episode 04Media and ParthiaCunard White Star19471334500:05:4301:22
Episode 04ScythiaCunard White Star19201993000:06:0500:08At New York
Episode 04MajesticWhite Star Line19225655100:06:1300:18
Episode 04LancastriaCunard White Star19221624300:06:3100:05
Episode 04AquitaniaCunard White Star19144564700:06:3600:38Aground in Southampton water. Tugs refloating
Episode 04Queen ElizabethCunard White Star19408367300:07:1400:46Scenes in Ocean terminal. Sailing from Southampton
Episode 04Queen MaryCunard White Star19368123700:08:0003:58Passenger film. Sailing from Southampton, scenes on board. Arrival New York
Episode 04CaroniaCunard White Star19483418300:11:5817:02Sailing from New York on a round-the-world cruise
Episode 04IverniaCunard White Star19552171700:29:0000:27Departing Liverpool
Episode 04FranconiaCunard White Star19552171700:29:3205:05Ex- Ivernia. Leaving New york. Cruising
Episode 04Queen ElizabethCunard White Star19408367300:34:0719:56The Cunarder boat train at Waterloo station, London. Embarkation at Ocean terminal, Southampton. Sailing from Southmpton. Cherbourg. Scenes on board. Arrival New York
Episode 04Queen MaryCunard White Star19368123700:47:1000:25Passing at sea
Episode 05Highland PrincessRoyal Mail Line19301421600:01:3106:17Arriving London. Locking in to Royal Docks. Some scenes shot from tug Sun XVI
Episode 05AndesRoyal Mail Line19392686000:07:4901:07Loading and embarking at Southampton. Sailing. Scenes on bridge
Episode 05AmazonRoyal Mail Line19592034800:08:5603:02Launch at Harland & Wolff, Belfast. At sea. Off Rio de Janeiro.
Episode 05Dominion MonarchShaw Savill & Albion19382646300:11:5907:04Building at Swan Hunter. Launch on 27th July 1938. Maiden voyage from London. Scenes on board
Episode 05GothicShaw Savill & Albion19481590200:19:0408:19Preparations at Birkenhead for Royal tour 1953. Scenes on board. Queen and Prince Philip joining by barge off Port Royal. Panama canal transit. Crossing the line (demountable pool). Arrival Auckland. Queen meeting the Governor-General of New Zealand. Wellington. Milford Sound. Escorted by Royal New Zealand Navy cruiser Black prince. Arrival Sydney. Royal visit to Australia. Official photo.
Episode 05AndesRoyal Mail Line19392686000:27:2308:37Cruising. Scenes on board. Puerto Rico and Palma, Majorca
Episode 05Southern CrossShaw Savill & Albion19552020400:36:0012:30Launching 17th August 1954 at Harland & Wolff, Belfast. Maiden voyage March 1955 from Southampton. Scenes on board including heavy weather. Trinidad, Curacao, Panama canal transit, Tahiti, Wellington
Episode 05Southern CrossShaw Savill & Albion19552020400:51:5403:00Sailing from Wellington, Sydney
Episode 05CorinthicShaw Savill & Albion19471568200:48:3002:24Loading apples in New Zealand and sailing for UK
Episode 05Northern StarShaw Savill & Albion19622473100:54:5709:00Launching on 27th June 1961 at Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle. Scenes on board on delivery. Speed trials. Sailing from Southampton on maiden voyage July 1962
Episode 06MaldaBritish India S. N. Co.1921896500:03:149:44Loading at London docks. Scenes on board. First Class dining saloon. Steward with dinner gong. Marseilles. Demountable swimming pool on deck. Port said. Suez Canal transit. Mooring boats in canal. Zanzibar. Dar-es-Salaam. Beira
Episode 06RanpuraP.& O.19251658500:10:0000:27Passing in Suez canal (very close!)
Episode 06DumraBritish India S. N. Co.1922230400:11:2800:30Arriving Zanzibar
Episode 06ChantalaBritish India S. N. Co.1950755100:14:1207:00Cadet ship. Loading in London docks. Scenes on board. Boat and fire drill Board of trade sports. Classroom. Work aloft and on deck. Noon sights and other scenes on bridge. Engineroom. Foc’s’le anchoring
Episode 06DuneraBritish India S. N. Co.19371261500:21:1005:39Schoolship. Schoolchildren boarding. Scenes on board. Schoolroom lessons. Bridge. Bergen. Oslo.
Episode 06RajulaBritish India S. N. Co.1927847800:26:5106:09Arriving Singapore. Scenes on board including deck passengers
Episode 06DaraBritish India S. N. Co.1948503000:33:0200:28On fire April 1961 off Dubai
Episode 06WaroongaBritish India S. N. Co.1957875000:33:3204:20Launch by Mrs James Gilchrist at Barclay Curle & Co Glasgow, May 1957
Episode 06QuiloaBritish India S. N. Co.19661311300:37:5300:27Tanker (named on soundtrack as Queda but name clearly Quiloa on film
Episode 06UgandaBritish India S. N. Co.19521443000:40:2900:19Aerial views of Uganda
Episode 06UgandaBritish India S. N. Co.19521443000:40:2911:25Aerial shots of Uganda underway. Scenes on board. Passengers and schoolchildren
Episode 06NevasaBritish India S. N. Co.19562052700:38:4201:45Launch at Barclay Curle & Co, Glasgow by Mrs J A Boyd-Carpenter
Episode 06variousBritish India S. N. Co.’00:51:5201:07Eulogy to the MN
Episode 06PentakotaBritish India S. N. Co.1946670400:54:0700:08Short clip
Episode 06ItolaBritish India S. N. Co.1940681200:54:1500:09Short clip
Episode 06KenyaBritish India S. N. Co.19511443400:54:2400:11Short clip
Episode 06UgandaBritish India S. N. Co.19521443000:54:3500:09Short clip
Episode 06KampalaBritish India S. N. Co.19471030400:54:4400:08Short clip
Episode 06KaranjaBritish India S. N. Co.19481029400:54:5200:09Short clip
Episode 06OrmaraBritish India S. N. Co.1947544400:55:0100:17Short clip
Episode 06SanthiaBritish India S. N. Co.1950890800:55:1800:12Short clip
Episode 06SangolaBritish India S. N. Co.1947864600:55:3000:05Short clip
Episode 06DumraBritish India S. N. Co.1946486700:55:3500:19Short clip
Episode 06ChakdinaBritish India S. N. Co.1951726700:55:5400:18Short clip
Episode 06NevasaBritish India S. N. Co.19562052700:56:1200:18Embarking troops
Episode 06MombasaBritish India S. N. Co.1950221300:12:5800:14Arr Mombasa
Episode 07City of Port ElizabethEllerman Lines19521336300:02:4509:15Shipyard scenes during build at Vickers-Armstrong, Newcastle. Bow crest. Launch. Fitting out inc installation of main engines and funnel. Trials inc bridge and engineroom scenes. Passenger rooms. Maiden voyage January 1953
Episode 07City of LichfieldEllerman Lines1961479500:12:0003:50From Great Lakes through locks to Montreal
Episode 07City of GuildfordEllerman Lines1957494500:15:5006:13Scenes on board filmed by Third Mate
Episode 07City of DurbanEllerman Lines19541334500:22:0409:14Loading at Albert Dock, London. Pre-sailing boat and fire drill. Passengers arriving by taxi at Albert Dock and embarking. Scenes on board. Sailing. Arrival Capetown dressed overall.
Episode 07Kenya CastleUnion Castle Line19521704100:32:4014:40Union Castle offices in Bond Street London. Boat train arriving London docks. Passengers boarding. Sailing from Thames. Gibraltar. Genoa. Is of Broli. Port Said. Suez canal transit. Scenes on board. Port Sudan. Aden with bumboats. Crossing the line. Mombasa pilot. Tanga. Dar-es-Salaam. Beira. Lourenco Marques, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town
Episode 07Bloemfontein CastleUnion Castle Line19501840000:45:1600:28Sailing from Durban
Episode 07Braemar CastleUnion Castle Line19521702900:47:2002:23Sailing from Capetown. St Helena. Ascension
Episode 07Rhodesia CastleUnion Castle Line19511704100:49:4405:06At Aden. Port Sudan. Suez Canal transit. Port Said. Broli
Episode 07Durban CastleUnion Castle Line19381738200:54:2001:06Passing at sea
Episode 07Braemar CastleUnion Castle Line19521702900:55:2601:04Canary Islands Las Palmas
Episode 07Kenya CastleUnion Castle Line19521704100:56:4500:52Passing at sea
Episode 08Atlantic ConveyorACL19855172500:00:4903:26Arriving Liverpool. Pilot. Engineroom (Kincaid B&W). Docking in Seaforth dock
Episode 0800:04:1501:25Film from Overhead railway
Episode 08White Star00:05:4000:22Arrival of a White Star liner at Liverpool Landing Stage
Episode 08LusitaniaCunard SS Co19073155000:06:0220:33Sailing on her final voyage. Author Albert Hoddard waves to camera
Episode 0800:08:4000:28Scenes at Cammell Laird shipyard
Episode 08SamariaCunard SS Co19221960200:09:0800:08
Episode 08VoltaireLamport & Holt19231324800:09:1600:36
Episode 08Reina del PacificoPSNC19311787200:09:5200:10On landing stage
Episode 08LancastriaCunard SS Co19221624300:10:0200:10Ex- Tyrhennia, Anchor Line
Episode 08ArchitectT & J Harrison1912542100:10:5000:10Wrecked on Pluckinon shoal
Episode 08CaliforniaAnchor Line19231679200:11:0000:12Leaving for New York
Episode 08BalticWhite Star Line19042388400:11:2000:33arriving
Episode 08AtheniaAnchor/Donaldson Line19231347000:11:5300:27
Episode 08ScythiaCunard SS Co19201973000:12:3000:28
Episode 08LancastriaCunard SS Co19221624300:13:0200:39Arriving landing stage
Episode 08BritannicCunard White Star19302694300:13:4100:40Leaving landing stage
Episode 08Conte VerdeLloyd Sabaudo/Italia19231876500:14:2110:52Scenes on board
Episode 08Llangibby CastleUnion Castle19291195100:16:1300:04Passing at sea
Episode 08VictoriaLloyd Triestino19311306200:16:2700:13Passing at sea
Episode 08BurmaP Henderson & Co1914747000:17:3200:11Passing at sea
Episode 08LancastriaCunard SS Co19221624300:17:5602:41Scenes on board (cruising)
Episode 08BritannicCunard White Star19302694300:20:3802:04Scenes on board cruising. Jamaica, Havana
Episode 08Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific19282002200:21:4100:08In Jamaica, cruising
Episode 08Queen MaryCunard White Star19368123700:22:4301:12Arriving and departing Southampton
Episode 08MauretaniaCunard White Star19393570800:23:5502:54At landing stage, loading military stores and troops embarking, sailing
Episode 08Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific19282002200:28:1701:15Scenes on board to Canada
Episode 08Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific19304234800:29:1600:15Being repainted grey for war service, in Montreal
Episode 08Viceroy of IndiaP&O19291964800:29:3200:18
Episode 08OrionOrient Line19352337100:29:5400:26
Episode 08StrathmoreP&O19352242800:30:2000:32
Episode 08Queen of BermudaFurness Withy19322257500:30:5200:24
Episode 08Duchess of RichmondCanadian Pacific19282002200:31:1801:58Sailing from Canada in wartime. Joining troopship convoy. With destroyer Amazon
Episode 08ChamplainFrench Line19322812400:32:0700:08
Episode 0800:34:0301:17Liverpool blitz 3rd May 1940
Episode 08Matadi PalmPalm Line1948624600:37:3002:30Arriving Liverpool, pilot, dock office, discharging cargo of palm kernels
Episode 08Matadi PalmPalm Line1948624600:46:1602:00Unloading palm oil and sailing
Episode 08Sugar ProducerTate & Lyle19681389400:42:0004:10Trinidad. Loading sugar from barges. Unloading at Husskinson dock, Liverpool
Episode 08Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific19292002200:48:2001:30Ex- Duchess of Richmond. On fire, capsized
Episode 08TigerRoyal Navy195911600
Episode 09Atlantic ConveyorACL19855172500:01:2500:52Unloading containers at Seaforth dock, Liverpool
Episode 09CraftsmanT & J Harrison1947672600:03:1502:05Scenes on board. Heavy weather scenes
Episode 09Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific19612728400:05:2000:41Departing Liverpool
Episode 09MaskeliyaT & J Brocklebank1954735000:06:0303:12Scenes on board. Film by Captain Anthony Spriggings. Passage up Hooghly river
Episode 09AccraElder Dempster19471160000:09:1600:32Sailing from Liverpool
Episode 09TarkwaElder Dempster1944741600:09:5000:08
Episode 09DegemaElder Dempster1959590200:10:1000:15
Episode 09OwerriElder Dempster1955624000:10:2500:10At Port Harcourt
Episode 09EgoriElder Dempster1957858600:10:3500:18
Episode 09Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603612300:10:5501:55Launch at Camell Laird shipyard 23rd June 1959
Episode 09Crystal CubeTate & Lyle1955868000:12:5000:40Launch at Greenock shipyard
Episode 09Port MelbournePort Line19551047000:13:3001:06Launch at Harland & Wolff shipyard
Episode 09AdventurerT & J Harrison1960897100:14:3600:48Launch at Doxfords shipyard
Episode 09AuthorT & J Harrison1958871500:15:2604:48Voyage to West Indies. Leaving Liverpool. Jamaica, Mexico,
Episode 09BremenNDL19393233600:18:1500:08Passing at sea. Ex- Pasteur
Episode 09AureolElder Dempster19511408300:20:1507:15Scenes on board. Arriving Lagos. Scenes ashore
Episode 09Ikeja PalmPalm Line1961568200:27:3015:17Voyage to West Africa. Securing hatches and sailing from Liverpool. Arriving Lagos, working cargo, sailing for Niger delta and Burutu, Sepele, Takoradi, Madeira, UK
Episode 09AdastrusBlue Funnel Line1953785900:42:4801:30Loading at Birkenhead
Episode 09AntenorBlue Funnel Line1957797300:44:1800:18At Hong Kong
Episode 09PolyphemusBlue Funnel Line1945767400:45:5900:11
Episode 09PatroclusBlue Funnel Line19501010900:46:1000:16
Episode 09PrometheusBlue Funnel Line19671209400:47:1300:27launch
Episode 09Edinburgh CastleLowline Shipping19663275300:50:1700:31Ex- Eugenio Costa, Eugenio C
Episode 09Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19697032700:50:4800:52
Episode 09Atlantic ConveyorACL19855172500:51:4402:42Sailing from Liverpool
Episode 10Royal SovereignGeneral Steam Navigation Co1948185100:00:5000:03Alongside Tower Pier, London
Episode 10VindicatrixTraining ship00:01:3001:10At Sharpness. Scenes on board
Episode 10WorcesterTraining ship00:03:5500:33River Thames
Episode 1000:04:2800:32The Pool office & counter
Episode 10Port SydneyPort Line1955999200:05:2006:02Sailing from Royal docks, London. Scenes on board. Engine room (Doxfords) BoT sports, galley, mesrooms, Bridge and chartroom, Aden, Hong Kong, Port Kembla NSW
Episode 10Port NapierPort Line19471187900:11:2202:28Shifting berth in KGV dock, London. Christmas tree coming aboard
Episode 10PlangentPLA195115900:11:5000:25PLA tug
Episode 10Port FremantlePort Line1927807200:13:5000:38Heavy icing
Episode 10Port HobartPort Line19461113800:15:3300:31Crossing the line ceremony
Episode 10Port ChalmersPort Line1933871900:16:0400:41Panama canal transit
Episode 10Port MelbournePort Line19551047000:17:5006:09Launch t Harland & Wolff, testing of diesels, fitting out, fitting funnel and propellers, sailing for trials
Episode 10BengloeBen Line19611128200:24:0001:00Launch at Charles Connell shipyard
Episode 10BenloyalBen Line19591146300:25:1613:44Loading at London. Sailing. Scenes on board. Bridge, E/R, galley etc. Suez canal transit, pig cargo, Aden, Penang
Episode 10BenvrackieBen Line19551030200:28:4200:03
Episode 10Kuala LumpurChina Navigation Co19361108000:39:0000:12Pilgrim ship. Ex- Dilwara BI
Episode 10BenartyBen Line19631029400:39:1501:15Loading at London. Panama canal transit
Episode 10BenreochBen Line19521014200:41:1000:16In English channel
Episode 10BenlarigBen Line1944887900:41:2600:16At Singapore
Episode 10BenrinnesBen Line1942713900:41:4300:16Ex-Perdigo auxiliary aircraft carrier
Episode 10BenhopeBen Line1945995200:42:0000:28Ex-Egidia
Episode 10BenvorlichBen Line1946976700:42:2800:20At Hong Kong
Episode 10BenmacdhuiBen Line1948784500:42:4800:37At Bangkok
Episode 10BenvenueBen Line1948784600:43:2500:34At Bangkok
Episode 10BenmhorBen Line1949775500:44:0000:20At Singapore
Episode 10BennachieBen Line1949873800:44:2000:13At Bangkok
Episode 10BenattowBen Line1951803800:44:3300:35At Singapore
Episode 10BenloyalBen Line19591146300:45:0801:56Arriving Bangkok
Episode 10BenreochBen Line19521014200:47:0400:56At Hong Kong
Episode 10BenvrackieBen Line19551030200:48:0000:52At Singapore
Episode 10BenlomondBen Line19571032500:48:5200:18At Hong Kong
Episode 10BengloeBen Line19611128200:49:1000:46Sailing from Hong Kong
Episode 10BenvallaBen Line19621139100:49:5600:20At Hong Kong
Episode 10BenarminBen Line19631136200:50:1600:12
Episode 10BenlediBen Line19651189800:50:2800:24
Episode 10BenwyvisBen Line19661195800:50:5200:20
Episode 10BenloyalBen Line19591146300:51:1204:28Sailing from Bangkok to Hong Kong, and to London
Episode 10BenartyBen Line19631029400:53:4000:24Loading wool at Napier
Episode 11Highland PrincessNelson Line/Royal Mail19291412800:02:0000:25
Episode 11Lake Winnipeg ex Yoho ParkWestern Canadian Steamship Co1946713600:02:4600:05
Episode 11AsiaCunard1947872300:02:5100:19
Episode 11MauretaniaCunard19393573800:15:4000:30Visiting KGV dock Aug 1939
Episode 11OrionOrient Line19352337100:27:2501:18Arriving Tilbury 1935
Episode 11MooltanP&O19232084700:28:4300:08Sailing from Tilbury
Episode 11ChusanP&O19502421500:34:5300:46Sailing from Tilbury
Episode 11DurhamFederal Line19341090200:39:0001:00In fog, Arriving London
Episode 11City of DurbanEllerman Line19541330500:47:2000:50Passengers boarding in Albert Dock
Episode 11Kenya CastleUnion Castle19521704100:48:1000:50Sailing from Albert dock
Episode 12Nova ScotiaFurness Withy1964666000:03:1200:24Launch at Burntisland shipoyard
Episode 12NewfoundlandFurness Withy1964666000:03:3603:48Maiden voyage departure, in drydock, ranging cable, float out, crew joining, loading whisky, closing MacGregor hatches, sailing from Liverpool, Atlantic crossing, fog. Film by Martin Hill (RO)
Episode 12NewfoundlandFurness Withy1964690600:13:3200:39Icebergs. Canadian coast. Boston pilot
Episode 12NewfoundlandFurness Withy1964690600:14:3802:47In Newfoundland
Episode 12NewfoundlandFurness Withy1964690600:19:0904:47Full storm in Atlantic. Icing. Arriving Liverpool pilot. MSC transit. Arriving Manchester
Episode 12Pacific RelianceFurness Withy1951933700:08:18Panama to Los Angeles. Scenes on board
Episode 12Pacific RelianceFurness Withy1951933700:11:28Arriving Los Angeles pilot. Cargo work. Christmas tree
Episode 12Pacific RelianceFurness Withy1951933700:14:1200:14On Canadian W coast in winter
Episode 12Tudor PrinceFurness Withy19611264700:17:2501:44Tanker. Towards Durban
Episode 12Stuart PrinceFurness Withy19601266800:17:4900:21Passing at sea
Episode 12BermudaFurness Withy19271908600:25:4003:31Arriving Hamilton in 1921
Episode 12Monarch of BermudaFurness Withy19312242400:29:1101:08Poor quality film of Monarch and Queen together in New York in 1930s
Episode 12Fort AmherstFurness Withy1936348900:30:0800:11In New York
Episode 12Queen of BermudaFurness Withy19322257500:30:4401:02Sailing from New York. Poor quality film 1930s. Stills of accommodation
Episode 12New Australia (ex Monarch of Bermuda)Ministry of Transport19312242400:35:4601:50Ten pound poms
Episode 12Queen of BermudaFurness Withy19322257500:36:3603:24After refit. One funnel. Atlantic crossing. Tickertape departure from New York. Scenes on board. Arrival Bermuda
Episode 12Ocean MonarchFurness Withy19511358100:40:0001:36Scenes on board. Visit of HRH and Prince Philip to Bermuda
Episode 12Ocean MonarchFurness Withy19511358100:41:5700:22Final sailing
Episode 12ZenithCelebrity19924681100:43:0700:19Alongside in Bermuda
Episode 12Queen of BermudaFurness Withy19322257500:45:5212:38Voyage from New York to Bermuda and return. Embarking Pier 95 pre-war. Sailing. Ambrose LV. Scenes on board, arrival Bermuda. Travelogue, sailing from Bermuda
Episode 13Queen MaryCunard19368123700:04:5500:50Launch of Queen Mary
Episode 13Queen MaryCunard19368123700:06:12~45minsFilm during maiden voyage shot by Charles Chislett. Scenes on board. Alongside at Ocean Terminal, Southampton, maiden voyage. Boat train arrival. Sailing from Southampton. Boat drill. Arriving Cherbourg. Arrival New York. Sailing from New York for Southampton. Film of the Blue Riband voyage.
Episode 13Queen MaryCunard19368123700:00:5201:00Wartime film of QM
Episode 13Brighton QueenP & A Campbell190551900:11:3700:18Paddle steamer
Episode 13Ile de FranceC19274205000:00:5100:30Passing QM at sea
Episode 13Lorna DooneRed Funnel1891~00:13:00At Southampton momentary clip
Episode 13Balmoral CastleUnion Castle191013361~00:13:00At Southampton momentary clip
Episode 13Winchester CastleUnion Castle193020109~00:13:00At Southampton momentary clip
Episode 13GeorgicWhite Star193027759~00:13:00At Southampton momentary clip
Episode 13MauretaniaCunard190731938~00:03:00At Liverpool momentary clip
Episode 13LusitaniaCunard190731550~00:03:00At Liverpool momentary clip
Episode 13TitanicWhite Star191246329~00:03:00At Belfast, in drydock
Episode 13OlympicWhite Star191145324~00:03:00With Capt E J Smith
Episode 13ImperatorHamburg Amerika Line191352022~00:03:00launch
Episode 13VaterlandHamburg Amerika Line191454282~00:03:00Momentary clip
Episode 13EuropaNDL193049746~00:03:00Momentary clip
Episode 13l’AtlantiqueC193140000~00:03:0000:10Burning in E Channel
Episode 13NormandieC193579283~00:03:00launch
Episode 13Ile de FranceC192742050~00:03:00Momentary clip
Episode 13BremenNDL192951656~00:03:00Momentary clip
Episode 14British ExplorerBP Tankers1970215,603 dwt00:00:4801:32At sea
Episode 14British GrenadierBP Tankers192210,750 dwt00:05:3000:50At Abadan in Shatt-al-arab
Episode 14British ViscountBP Tankers192110,924 dwt00:06:2000:22At Abadan
Episode 14British AdventureBP Tankers19511857300:12:1200:18launch
Episode 14British AdventureBP Tankers19511857300:15:4004:14Cadets arriving and joining ship at Greenock anchorage. Meeting Captain. Cadets accommodation and work. Sailing for Kuwait
Episode 14British AdventureBP Tankers19511857300:28:3507:55Passing Gibraltar. Scenes on board. Work on deck. Bridge, sextant sights. Engine room, Galley, saloon, arrival Kuwait
Episode 14British AdventureBP Tankers19511857300:40:5001:42In Kuwait. Scenes ashore. Sailing for UK
Episode 14British AdventureBP Tankers19511857300:44:3602:21Crossing Bay of Biscay. Arrival Clyde
Episode 14MAC ships00:08:5400:17War footage
Episode 14RFA00:09:1100:16RAS operation in heavy weather
Episode 1400:09:2701:16Shipyard scenes building and launch of unnamed tanker
Episode 14King Edward VII Nautical College00:10:4301:29Classroom and workshop scenes. Address by Principal
Episode 14Esso GlasgowEsso Petroleum19441072700:13:3501:22Crew joining, signing on, storing, sailing from Thames, pilot. Scenes on board. Engineroom.
Episode 14Esso GlasgowEsso Petroleum19441072700:19:5400:13Boat and fire drill
Episode 14Esso GlasgowEsso Petroleum19441072700:23:5504:38Tank cleaning. Gibraltar. Gas freeing tanks using windsails. Life on board. Suez canal transit. Swimming in Great Bitter Lake. Arrival Abadan
Episode 14LiparusShell Tankers1948647300:14:5900:40In Caribbean. Scenes on board
Episode 14LiparusShell Tankers1948647300:20:0700:10Boat and fire drills
Episode 14LiparusShell Tankers1948647300:36:3104:19Arrival at Curacao. Diversion due to grounding of Western Planet (name may be ficticious)
Episode 14LiparusShell Tankers1948647300:46:5802:23Heavy weather in Bay of Biscay. Arrival Thames
Episode 14Seminole (later named Esso Hull)Esso (charter)19361039400:42:3302:02Loaded passage. Scenes on board. Heavy weather
Episode 14Seminole (later named Esso Hull)Esso (charter)19361039400:49:2200:08Arrival Fawley
Episode 14British RenownBP Tankers1974270,023 dwt00:53:5900:26berthing
Episode 14British RelianceB P Tankers1975269,770 dwt00:54:2602:07Underway at sea
Episode 14ManhattanHumble Oil1962106,000 dwt00:56:33Icebreaking tanker. Rebuilt 1968 for NW passage route
Episode 15MauretaniaCunard19073193800:01:1400:05
Episode 15OlympicWhite Star19114523400:01:1900:03
Episode 15TitanicWhite Star19124632900:01:2200:06
Episode 15VaterlandNorth German Lloyd19135228200:01:2800:07
Episode 15AquitaniaCunard19144564700:01:3500:05
Episode 15BremenNorth German Lloyd19295165600:01:4000:07
Episode 15EuropaNorth German Lloyd19304974600:01:4700:06
Episode 15Cap ArconaHamburg South America19272756100:02:2501:49At sea. Scenes on board. Cruise to N Africa. Tendering ashore
Episode 15NormandieFrench Line19358342300:04:1403:57At Southampton. Scenes on board
Episode 15Queen MaryCunard19368123700:08:1102:05Sailing from Southampton
Episode 15Queen ElizabethCunard19408367300:13:0502:02First post-war voyage. Sailing from Southampton
Episode 15Queen MaryCunard19368123700:14:0700:43Arrival Southampton
Episode 15PatriciaSwedish Lloyd1951776400:14:5000:22ferry
Episode 15DragonP&O1967614100:15:1200:16Ferry arriving Southampton
Episode 15Viking IITownshend Thoresen1964544000:15:2800:23ferry
Episode 15San BenitoSalen196800:16:0500:19Swedish reefer unloading
Episode 15Europa (ex Kungsholm)North German Lloyd19522297100:16:2400:46
Episode 15San BenitoSalen196800:17:1000:16sailing
Episode 15DuneraBritish India S N Co19371261500:17:2600:05
Episode 15MooseBritish Transport, S Region195900:17:3200:06
Episode 15Woolston Chain FerryChain ferry
Episode 15Fairsea (ex Rio de la Plata, HMS Charger)Sitmar19411250000:18:0200:29ex Moore McCormack
Episode 15VenusBergen Line1938728700:18:3200:05
Episode 15John LykesLykes Lines1960988700:19:3200:05alongside
Episode 15SunwardKloster19668666
Episode 15ArcadiaP&O19542973400:21:1500:38Sailing. Dipping ensign to Oriana
Episode 15OrianaP&O19604191000:21:5200:30Alongside. Scenes on board open to public in Southampton
Episode 15FranceFrench Line19616634800:22:2300:53sailing
Episode 15Prins der NederlandenRoyal Nederlands SS Co1957722100:23:1600:50Sailing. With tug Adherence
Episode 15Caribia (ex Vulcania)Siosa Line19282397000:24:0601:24
Episode 15John BiscoeBAS1956155400:25:3100:16In dry dock
Episode 15Chitral (ex Jadotville)P&O19561382100:26:42sailing
Episode 15ColombieFrench Line19311400000:27:3400:16
Episode 15EnglandCurrie Line1947227100:27:5000:33arriving
Episode 15Arthur M HuddellUSMC1943720000:29:3400:14Liberty ship, previously engaged in PLUTO operation WW2. Now preserved in Greece, renames Hellas Liberty
Episode 15GrebeGeneral Steam Nav Co194893300:30:0100:09
Episode 15Argentina (ex Presidente Peron)Ultramar19481245900:30:1700:13
Episode 15OrianaOrient Line19604191000:30:3000:20Alongside. Cornflower hull
Episode 15Queen ElizabethCunard19408367300:30:5000:21Filmed from excursion launch
Episode 15Brazil StarBlue Star Line19471071600:31:1400:12alongside
Episode 15SA Vaal (ex Transvaal Castle)SafMarine19613269700:31:2600:07alongside
Episode 15IberiaP&O19542961400:31:5600:12alongside
Episode 15Pendennis CastleUnion Castle19582858200:32:0800:08alongside
Episode 15Edinburgh CastleUnion Castle19482870500:32:1600:03alongside
Episode 15Good Hope CastleUnion Castle19651050000:32:2600:11alongside
Episode 15SA Oranje (ex Pretoria Castle)Union Castle19482870500:32:3700:11alongside
Episode 15Fairsea (ex Rio de la Plata)Sitmar19411250000:33:0300:21In dry dock
Episode 15CaroniaCunard19483418300:33:2100:54arriving
Episode 15ChusanP&O19502421500:34:2500:47Sailing. Full tickertape & brass band. Tug Thorness
Episode 15OxfordshireBibby Line19562056800:36:1400:10Troopship. Alongside
Episode 15CanberraP&O19614527000:36:2400:32sailing
Episode 15Castel Felice (ex Kenya, BI)Sitmar19301215000:36:5600:07
Episode 15SalvinaChristian Salvesen196300:37:0300:05alongside
Episode 15MauretaniaCunard19393573800:37:1700:21Sailing. In green hull
Episode 15Franconia (ex Ivernia)Cunard19552171700:37:3800:20
Episode 15OrsovaOrient Line19542909100:38:0500:10
Episode 15Viking 2Townshend Thoresen1964544000:38:1500:13sailing
Episode 15StatendamHolland America19572400000:38:2800:47arriving
Episode 15MaasdamHolland America19521500000:39:1501:05sailing
Episode 15RotterdamHolland America19593864500:40:2000:12alongside
Episode 15United StatesUnited States Lines19525332900:40:3341:38Sailing, scenes on board
Episode 15Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764000:42:1400:29sailing
Episode 15Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020400:42:4300:45Sailing, scenes on board
Episode 15Transvaal CastleUnion Castle19613269700:43:2900:41
Episode 15Northern StarShaw Savill19622475600:44:4800:53Sailing. Full tickertape & brass band. Boat train. Embarkation
Episode 15Queen ElizabethCunard19408367300:45:4101:12Boat train arriving The Cunarder
Episode 15Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19696586300:49:2500:52sailing
Episode 15FranceFrench Line19616634800:50:1700:18
Episode 15Norway (ex France)Klosters19617604900:50:3500:58
Episode 15CanberraP&O19614527000:51:3300:30As cruise ship
Episode 15Victoria (ex Kungsholm)P&O19662666700:52:0301:02
Episode 15Arcadia (ex Star Princess, ex Fairmajesty, later Ocean Village)P&O19896352400:53:0500:42
Episode 15Mayflower IIPlimoth Plantation1956236 t disp.00:53:4801:00Replica ship
Episode 15OrianaOrient Line19604191000:54:4801:47sailing
Episode 16AuroraP & O S N Co20007615200:00:4502:47Scenes on board
Episode 16OrmondeOrient Line19171498200:04:0300:13
Episode 16MaldaBritish India S N Co1922896500:04:1702:06Port Said waterfront. Suez canal transit. Passing Ranpura in canal
Episode 16MalojaP & O S N Co19232083700:06:2003:02Aden. Bombay. Scenes on board
Episode 16OrionOrient line19352369600:09:2200:47Arriving Sydney, maiden voyage
Episode 16MooltanP & O S N Co19232084700:10:0900:36Sailing from Tilbury
Episode 16MongoliaP & O S N Co19231638500:10:4606:14Scenes on board. Gibraltar. Barcelona. Tangier.
Episode 16Viceroy of IndiaP & O S N Co19291964800:17:0002:57Atlantic and N Cape cruise. Scenes on board. Stockholm
Episode 16OrionOrient Line19352369600:19:5702:43North Cape cruise. Arriving Tilbury
Episode 16StrathmoreP & O S N Co19352358000:22:4004:10Entering Venice. Scenes on board. Istanbul
Episode 16CantonP & O S N Co19381603300:26:5003:49Sailing to Bombay. Gibraltar. Scenes on board. Suez canal transit. Aden. Bombay
Episode 16CorfuP & O S N Co19311428000:30:4207:08Scenes on board. Suez canal transit. Crossing the line. Fancy dress party. Hong Kong
Episode 16CantonP & O S N Co19381603300:31:5400:23Passing at sea
Episode 16StrathedenP & O S N Co19372373200:38:5802:06Tilbury docks embarking and sailing
Episode 16OrcadesOrient Line19482816400:41:0404:33Boat train arriving Southampton. Sailing from Ocean terminal. Scenes on board, bridge, engineroom, chartroom, radio room
Episode 16SuratP & O S N Co1948892500:45:3700:31In King George V dock London loading for Far East
Episode 16ChusanP & O S N Co19502421500:46:0805:25Embarking Tilbury, sailing Med cruise, scenes on board, bridge, engineroom, radio room
Episode 16SuratP & O S N Co1948892500:51:3300:44loading
Episode 16ChusanP & O S N Co19502421500:52:1701:11Med cruise. Scenes on board
Episode 17StrathmoreP&O19352358000:00:5000:48Scenes on board
Episode 17StrathnaverP&O19312227000:01:3801:00Scenes on board
Episode 17IberiaP&O19542961400:03:2500:18Passing at sea
Episode 17IberiaP&O19542961400:03:2500:48Sailing
Episode 17ChusanP&O19502421500:03:2500:26
Episode 17HimalayaP&O19492795500:03:5100:42Embarking, sailing from Tilbury
Episode 17ArcadiaP&O19542973400:04:3300:56Sailing from Southampton
Episode 17OrianaOrient Line19604191000:05:2805:38Scenes in Orient Line boardroom, design and build, launch, fitting out, sea trials, handover
Episode 17CanberraP&O19614527000:12:0003:49Scenes in P&O boardroom, tender document, keel laying, build at Harland & Wolff, launch on 16th March 1960 by Dame Menzies. Scenes on board, sea trials
Episode 17HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:17:1100:11
Episode 17FarsistanStrick Line1959963300:17:2200:11
Episode 17RangitataNZS00:17:3300:15In Wellington
Episode 17Lancashire CoastCoast Lines1954128300:17:4800:12
Episode 17BaharistanStrick Line1928558700:18:0000:15
Episode 17NevasaBritish India S N Co19562052700:18:1500:12Sailing from Liverpool
Episode 17NorwindP&O Ferries1966430600:18:2700:08At Hull
Episode 17MaoriUnion SS Co of NZ1953748000:18:3500:28At Wellington
Episode 17Aden (ex Somerset)P&O1946994300:19:0300:35Scenes on board. Crossing the line
Episode 17PerimP&O1945955000:19:3801:38Sailing from Port Huon
Episode 17OrontesOrient Line19292018600:20:0100:13Passing at sea
Episode 17OrsovaOrient Line19542879000:20:1400:11Passing at sea
Episode 17ArdshielTrident Tankers1969217,520 dwt00:21:2001:22Towards Persian Gulf in 1969. Bridge. Helicopter delivery of mail
Episode 17PatongaP&O19531107100:22:4200:13Heavy weather scene
Episode 17BendigoP&O1954878200:22:5501:54Heavy weather scene. Crew arseing about
Episode 17SomaliaP&O1948908000:24:4200:25Underway with collision damage
Episode 17StrathdevonP&O1975921400:25:1900:20Launch at Austin & Pickersgill, Sunderland
Episode 17MatauraUnion SS Co of NZ00:25:5100:14In New Zealand
Episode 17Strathanna (ex Registan)P&O1947881900:25:3900:12
Episode 17Strathaird (ex Nigaristan)P&O1947717300:26:3100:22Loading in Yokohama
Episode 17Wild FulmarFederal Line1974501400:26:5300:24refrigerated
Episode 17StrathbroraP&O1967986300:27:1700:33At Hong Kong
Episode 17Strathanna (ex Registan)P&O1947881900:27:5000:50At sea. Aerial view
Episode 17BendigoP&O1954878200:28:4002:49Scenes on board, at sea. Maintenance on deck
Episode 17Oceanic19511313900:30:5500:12In Sydney
Episode 17CornwallFederal Line1952758300:31:0600:11In Sydney
Episode 17OtrantoOrient Line19262002600:31:2900:52Passing Orontes at sea in 1957
Episode 17OrontesOrient Line19292018600:32:2200:24Passing Orcades at sea
Episode 17ChusanP&O19502421500:32:4102:07Boat train from London, arriving Southampton, embarking, sailing, passing Canberra at sea
Episode 17ArcadiaP&O19542973400:34:4800:42Arriving Sydney, berthing at Circular Quay
Episode 17HimalayaP&O19492795500:35:3000:39Scenes on board in the Pacific
Episode 17Chitral (ex Jadotville)P&O19561382100:36:0900:12At Hong Kong
Episode 17IberiaP&O19542961400:36:2100:14At San Francisco
Episode 17Orcades19482816400:36:3600:24Passing at sea
Episode 17OronsayOrient Line19512763200:37:0001:33At Tilbury, at sea, scenes on board, at anchor, Malta
Episode 17OrianaOrient Line19604191000:38:3300:31Passing Sea Princess at sea
Episode 17Kent (ex Spirit of Free Enterprise)P&O Ferries1987795000:39:0401:24At Dover
Episode 17Calais00:40:2800:28
Episode 17Pacific PrincessPrincess Cruises19722063600:41:2300:40
Episode 17Pride of RotterdamP&O Ferries20015992500:42:2700:58Scenes on board
Episode 17Grand PrincessP&O199810880600:43:2500:30
Episode 17Golden PrincessP&O200110886500:44:0700:59
Episode 17StrathairdP&O19322256800:45:0700:50Arriving Bombay, travelogue
Episode 17CarthageP&O19311423800:46:1700:38Passing at sea
Episode 17CanberraP&O19614527000:46:5507:17At sea. Scenes on board, cruising, War service, RAS with troops, return to Southampton, Final voyage, last sailing, final Finished with Engines
Episode 17OrianaP&O19604191000:50:5700:15Passing Canberra on final sailing
Episode 17AuroraP&O20007615200:54:1200:12
Episode 1800:01:0002:44London docks, inter-war scenes, cargo handling, tugs and barges
Episode 18RuahineNZS19091083200:03:4704:31Scenes on board (travelogue) Panama Canal transit, entyering Wellington floating drydock
Episode 18TongariroNZS1925871900:07:0400:12Passing at sea
Episode 18Rimutaka (ex Mongolia)NZS19231638500:08:1800:46Scenes on board. Entering Wellington
Episode 18Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19382646300:11:0101:34Scenes on board
Episode 18Imperial Majesty (ex Southern Cross)Imperial Majesty Cruise Line19542020400:13:4800:27sailing
Episode 18Ocean Breeze (ex Southern Cross)Premier Cruise19542020400:15:5300:29
Episode 18Southern CrossShaw Savill19542020400:16:2200:38Launch at Harland & Wolff
Episode 18Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific19562551600:18:4500:22Under construction at Fairfields
Episode 18Flying HurricaneClyde Shipping Co00:17:1200:10Seen on R Clyde
Episode 18FernwoodFernley & Eger00:19:3201:28With Steel & Bennie tugs on R Clyde
Episode 18OtaioNZS19581200000:21:0000:42launch
Episode 18Port MelbournePort Line19551047000:21:4201:58Launch at Harland & Wolff, fitting out, leaving shipyard with tugs for trials
Episode 18OtaioNZS19581200000:23:4002:15Acceptance trials at John Browns. Capt. A Hocken. Doxford engines. Measured mile
Episode 18Royal SovereignGeneral Steam Nav Co1948185100:25:5508:29Excursion voyage from Tower Pier, London, to Royal Docks
Episode 18PatongaP&O19531107100:30:5500:28In Royal docks
Episode 18DoricShaw Savill19491067400:31:2400:22In lock. Royal docks
Episode 18Argentina StarBlue Star Line19471071600:32:3101:53Locking in Royal docks, with tug Contest
Episode 18DurhamFederal Line19341090900:34:2400:22In Royal docks
Episode 18OtakiNZS19531093400:34:4600:30In Royal docks, loading
Episode 18Port Wimbledon (ex Wimbledon)Port Line (ex Watts, Watts)1958922300:35:1600:36Alongside, Rotal docks
Episode 18Port Hobart (ex Empire Wessex)Port Line19461113800:35:5200:28In Royal docks
Episode 18OrsovaOrient Line19542879000:36:4700:23At Tilbury
Episode 18OrianaOrient Line19604191000:37:1000:10At Southampton
Episode 18Canadian StarBlue Star Line1957662000:37:2000:17At Birkenhead
Episode 18Port VindexPort Line19431048900:37:3700:09At Birkenhead
Episode 18City of GloucesterEllerman Line1963480300:37:4600:08At Hull
Episode 18HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:37:5400:47Arriving Hull, with tug Forto (Ellerman’s Wilson Line)
Episode 18Worcester00:38:4100:19Training ship at Greenhithe
Episode 18King Edward VII nautical college00:39:0000:34Engineer training in classroom
Episode 18Vindicatrix00:39:4000:42Training ship at Lydney, Gloucester & Sharpness canal
Episode 18SurreyFederal Line1952822700:41:3600:53Sailing from Cardiff
Episode 18CanopicShaw Savill19541111600:42:2900:20Sailing from London, Royal Docks
Episode 18Adelaide StarBlue Star Line19501203700:42:4900:13Sailing from Bristol
Episode 18AlmerianEllerman & Papayanni1956364900:43:0200:20Sailing from London
Episode 18Port AdelaidePort Line1951810600:43:2200:38Sailing from London, with tug Sun VII
Episode 18DurhamFederal Line19341090900:44:0001:37Cadets. Scenes on board. Locking out from London Royal docks
Episode 18Colorado Star (ex Raeburn)Blue Star1952831200:45:3700:28Sailing from Birkenhead
Episode 18Port St LawrencePort Line1961829700:46:0500:41Sailing from London
Episode 18OrcadesOrient Line19482816400:47:1201:06Sailing from Tilbury Riverside
Episode 18Port St JohnPort Line1938585800:52:3400:04
Episode 18HororataNZS19421209000:52:3800:08
Episode 18English StarBlue Star Line1950999600:52:5800:11In the Thames
Episode 18Norfolk (ex Essex)Federal Line19361106300:53:0900:06
Episode 18OtaioNZS19581200000:53:2500:29Cadets. In Liverpool.
Episode 18Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:54:1002:50Maiden voyage from Southampton. Scenes on board
Episode 18Homeric (ex Mariposa)Home Lines19311856300:56:3300:15
Episode 18RangitataNZS19291696900:57:0000:40At sea. Scenes on board
Episode 19SuffolkFederal Line19391114500:01:1000:06At Liverpool
Episode 19RakaiaNZS1945821300:01:1600:02manoeuvring
Episode 19RakaiaNZS1945821300:01:3000:08At sea
Episode 19Port LyttletonPort Line1947741300:01:3800:54Entering Royal Docks with Sun tugs
Episode 19Adelaide StarBlue Star Line19501203700:02:3200:06Alongside Royal Docks
Episode 19RangitotoNZS19492180900:02:3800:17Discharging meat
Episode 19Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19392646300:03:0000:39Sailing from Royal Albert dock
Episode 19RakaiaNZS1945821300:03:3900:15Heavy weather, scenes on deck
Episode 19CanopicShaw Savill19541111600:03:5400:51Heavy weather, scenes on deck
Episode 19TongariroNZS1925887900:04:4500:12Passing at sea
Episode 19Port FremantlePort Line1927855300:04:5700:31Heavy weather, scenes on deck
Episode 19RangitataNZS19291696900:05:2801:16Scenes on board, Madeira, Curacao
Episode 19Hauraki (ex Norfolk, Federal Line 1953)NZS19471127200:06:4400:38At Azores
Episode 19SomersetFederal Line1946994000:07:2200:28Scenes on board
Episode 19RangitaneNZS19492186700:07:5000:13Still. At Curacao
Episode 19TamaroaShaw Savill19221237500:08:0300:22On final voyage, at Curacao
Episode 19Port VictorPort Line19431040900:08:2500:06At Curacao
Episode 19CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:08:3700:04At Curacao
Episode 19PipirikiNZS19441006500:09:4600:22Bunkering at Curacao
Episode 19Nieuw AmsterdamHolland America19383666700:09:5000:08In Curacao
Episode 19CornwallFederal Line1952758300:10:0800:27Bunkering at Curacao
Episode 19RangitataNZS19291696900:10:3500:31Bunkering at Curacao
Episode 19OtakiNZS19531093400:11:0600:16Bunkering at Curacao
Episode 19Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:11:2200:10Bunkering at Curacao, maiden voyage
Episode 19CotopaxiPacific Steam Navigation1954855900:11:3600:06Bunkering at Curacao
Episode 19DurhamFederal Line19341090900:11:5100:25Scenes on board. In Med towards Malta
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:12:1600:31
Episode 19DurhamFederal Line19341090900:12:4700:20
Episode 19EssexFederal Line19541093600:13:0100:32
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:13:3300:36
Episode 19EssexFederal Line19541093600:14:0900:12
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:14:2100:32
Episode 19EssexFederal Line19541093600:15:0200:08
Episode 19Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:15:1500:51
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:17:4300:13At Aden
Episode 19DurhamFederal Line19341090900:17:5101:09
Episode 19AntillesFrench Line19512041900:19:0900:16
Episode 19RomanicShaw Savill1954632000:20:1600:07Bolton Steam Nav chartyer
Episode 19Andrea DoriaItalia Line19522908300:20:2400:06
Episode 19Pipiriki, Cornwall, Somerset, Durham, Otaki, Port Adelaide, Rangitata, Durham00:20:3004:55Panama canal transit sequences
Episode 19ErodonaShell Tankers1937635600:22:0000:29Passing tanker
Episode 19DurhamNZS19341090900:23:2100:17Cadets swinging the lead
Episode 19RangitaneNZS19492186700:26:5500:37Passing in Panama canal
Episode 19RuahineNZS19511785100:27:4001:20In Panama locks. Scenes on bridge
Episode 19WestmeathAvenue Shipping1939589400:30:1400:06Passing at sea
Episode 19CanopicShaw Savill19541111600:30:2000:53Towards Tahiti. Scenes on board
Episode 19PipirikiNZS19441006500:31:1300:17Scenes on board in Pacific
Episode 19CornwallFederal Line1952758300:31:3032:14Cadets shooting the sun. Cricket match. Scenes on board
Episode 19SomersetFederal Line1946994000:32:1400:16Flying fish
Episode 19RakaiaNZS1945821300:32:33Scenes on board, Pacific
Episode 19OtakiNZS19531093400:33:1501:36Bridge. Scenes on board in Pacific towards Tahiti. Boat drill. Cricket
Episode 19BenartyBen Line1945780000:34:5100:45In Panama Canal
Episode 19Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:35:3602:00In Panama Canal
Episode 19Port BrisbanePort Line19491194200:37:3700:23In Pacific
Episode 19TamaroaNZS19221237500:38:0001:43Scenes on board. Stills of accommodation. Flying fish
Episode 19RangitataNZS19291696900:39:4302:17Scenes on board. Stills of accommodation. Dolphins at bow. Crossing the line
Episode 19RuahineNZS19511785100:42:0000:46Crossing the line (with passengers)
Episode 19CanopicShaw Savill19541111600:42:4601:30Crossing the line (with crew). Stills of accommodation
Episode 19RangitataNZS19291696900:44:1600:37Scenes on board
Episode 19RangitotoNZS19492180900:44:5302:15Scenes on board. Stills of accommodation. Crossing the line
Episode 19RuahineNZS19511785100:47:4001:20At Tahiti. travelogue
Episode 19TongariroNZS1925887900:49:1000:55Scenes on board. Pitcairn
Episode 19RakaiaNZS1945821300:50:0302:25Scenes on board. Flying fish. Fiji
Episode 19DurhamFederal Line19341090900:52:4900:49Scenes on board. Crossing the line
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:53:3801:12Scenes on board. Workshops
Episode 19Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:54:5001:25At sea. Scenes on board. E/R and galley
Episode 19Benarty (Empire Wallace)Ben Line1945780000:56:1500:55Scenes on board
Episode 19HurunuiNZS19481128600:57:1000:27At Sydney, under bridge
Episode 19OronsayOrient Line19512763200:57:3700:08At Sydney, under bridge
Episode 19Port ChalmersPort Line1933871900:57:4500:08At Sydney, under bridge
Episode 19Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:57:5300:10At Sydney
Episode 19ArcadiaP&O19542973400:58:0300:21Sailing from Sydney
Episode 19OtaioNZS19581200000:58:2401:06Berthing at Glebe, Sydney
Episode 19MiddlesexFederal Line1953828300:59:3400:43Heavy weather in Tasman Sea
Episode 19DurhamFederal Line19341090901:00:1700:17Heavy weather
Episode 19HuntingdonFederal Line19481128101:02:0700:11underway
Episode 19Port LauncestonPort Line1957895701:02:2400:06underway
Episode 19Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020301:02:5801:02Arriving Auckland
Episode 20Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19696586300:01:4502:10Entering Auckland. Bridge footage
Episode 20Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19382715500:06:5500:54At Napier. Scenes on board
Episode 20Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19382715500:09:5200:45Preparing for war service. Painting funnels grey. At anchor
Episode 20Port GisbournePort Line1927839000:10:3810:09At Lyttleton, Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Plymouth, Nelson, Wanganui (travelogue style) at Napier anchorage working cargo from barges
Episode 20MaimoaShaw Savill1920801100:17:0800:12At anchor, Napier
Episode 20Port St JohnPort Line1938566800:17:4500:35At anchor, Napier
Episode 20Port NapierPort Line19471187900:22:0700:48At Napier, sailing
Episode 20WaiweraShaw Savill19441202800:22:5501:49Sailing from London
Episode 20CopticShaw Savill1928828100:24:4408:27Interrupted sequence. Sailing from London, Curacao, Panama Canal transit, Wellington
Episode 20Otaki, Port Auckland, Brisbane Star, City of Brisbane, Ruahine, Cornwall, Port St John00:30:1002:15Heavy weather sequences
Episode 20Akaroa (ex Euripides)Shaw Savill19141494700:32:3300:24Final voyage
Episode 20DurhamFederal Line19341090200:33:1200:52Arrival Wellington
Episode 20CorinthicShaw Savill19471568200:34:0400:30Loading at Wellington
Episode 20Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020400:34:3400:46Maiden voyage, sailing from Wellington for Sydney
Episode 20The WorldResidensea20024352400:35:3400:34Passing at sea
Episode 20DurhamFederal Line19341090200:40:2400:21Cadets painting on the quayside
Episode 20RangitikiNZS19291698400:40:4503:42Panama Canal transit, scenes on board, final voyage
Episode 20GowanbankBank Line1968760700:44:3000:18
Episode 20WillowbankBank Line1960633500:44:4802:32Scenes on board, painting, crossing the line, heavy weather
Episode 20RangitataNZS19291673700:48:0000:14At Wellington
Episode 20DurhamFederal Line19341090200:48:1408:11Cadetrs painting, swimming, sailing, travelogue in NZ, sheep farm, loading frozen lamb
Episode 21PrinsendamHolland America19883784500:01:3604:04In Wellington, sailing for Picton. Scenes on bridge
Episode 21Captain Cook (ex-Letitia)Donaldson Line (MoT)19251387600:03:4800:32Underway
Episode 21CopticShaw Savill1928891300:05:4001:05Sailing Wellington for Lyttleton
Episode 21CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:06:4500:26Sailing Auckland for Lyttleton
Episode 21Silver WhisperSilversea Cruises20012825800:08:4000:10Alongside at Lyttleton
Episode 21Taisei MaruNational Institute for Sea Training
1981588700:09:1600:30Japanese research ship sailing, assisted by tug Purau
Episode 21CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:10:0100:22Arriving Lyttleton from Auckland
Episode 21Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19392646300:10:3600:20At Lyttleton
Episode 21CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:10:5600:09At Lyttleton
Episode 21CopticShaw Savill1928891300:12:0600:26At Lyttleton
Episode 21CornwallFederal Line1952758300:12:3200:29Loading lamb. Boat drill
Episode 21CopticShaw Savill1928891300:13:0100:27Sailing to Dunedin
Episode 21PipirikiNew Zealand Shipping19441006500:18:2500:18Loading at Napier
Episode 21RangitataNew Zealand Shipping19291696900:20:4600:14In Port Chalmers
Episode 21HinakuraNew Zealand Shipping19491127200:21:0000:25At sea, heavy weather
Episode 21AdenP&O1946994300:21:02500:19In Picton Fjord
Episode 21RangitiraUnion SS Co of NZ1931600000:21:4400:32Picton to Wellington
Episode 21RangitotoNew Zealand Shipping19492180900:22:1601:19Cruising. Tendering pax. Scenes on board. At Sydney circular quay
Episode 21AramoanaNew Zealand Railways1962453200:22:5500:18Ferry passing at sea
Episode 21AramoanaNew Zealand Railways19624532Ferry, arriving Picton
Episode 21AuroraNew Zealand RailwaysFerry, Picton to Wellington. Scenes on bridge. Travelogue scenes
Episode 21WahineUnion SS Co of NZ1966894400:25:5801:05Launch at Fairfields yard. Steel and Bennie tug Chieftan
Episode 21WahineUnion SS Co of NZ1966894400:27:0700:31Wreck of Wahine Wellington harbour 10th April 1968
Episode 21Port BowenPort Line1919826700:27:3804:40Aground on Castleshore beach, New Zealand 29th July 1939. Salvage operations. Breeches buoy
Episode 21GothicShaw Savill19481590200:32:2000:52Royal tour 1953
Episode 21RakaiaNew Zealand Shipping1945821300:33:3501:50Arriving Nelson from Lyttleton 1963. Travelogue. Loading apples
Episode 21Suilven (ex P&O, ex MacBrayne)Straits Shipping197400:37:3100:10Ferry, Nelson to Wellington
Episode 21AdenP&O1946994300:42:0800:16Picton to Timaru
Episode 21CopticShaw Savill1928891300:42:5000:22Loading lamb in Timaru
Episode 21Napier StarBlue Star1942716600:45:3300:10alongside
Episode 21BenalbanachBen Line1946779500:45:4301:17In Napier. Royal visit of HRH The Queen Mother
Episode 21RakaiaNew Zealand Shipping1945821300:47:0002:35Sailing from Napier on MANZ Line service. Panama canal transit, heavy weather
Episode 21WharanuiNew Zealand Shipping1956870100:49:3501:35Scenes on board. MANZ Line service. Arriving ST John NB, towards New York
Episode 21Port FremantlePort Line1927855300:51:1000:51At sea in winter off Canada. Icing on deck
Episode 21City of BrisbaneEllerman Lines19511059600:52:0100:24Auckland to New York, MANZ Line. Arriving New York
Episode 21WharanuiNew Zealand Shipping1956870100:52:2501:21At New York. Travelogue
Episode 21CornwallFederal Line1952758300:53:4700:37Arriving at Philadelphia (US reserve fleet) towards Quebec
Episode 21Empress of FranceCanadian Pacific19282044800:54:2400:22Passing on St Lawrence River at Quebec
Episode 21Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:54:4601:04Maiden voyage. Scenes on board
Episode 21MataroaShaw Savill19221234100:58:4000:35Sailing from Wellington on final voyage in January 1957
Episode 21RangitataNew Zealand Shipping19291696900:59:1502:15Sailing from Wellington on final voyage, March 1962
Episode 22ArahuraNew Zealand Railways19821362100:00:5700:40Ferry arriving Wellington
Episode 22MSC New PlymouthMSC20021598800:01:3700:50Modern containership berthing Wellington assisted by tug Nghane
Episode 22RangitataNew Zealand Shipping Co19291696900:02:2701:23Sailing from Wellington on final voyage, March 1962
Episode 22TamaroaShaw Savill19221237500:03.5002:50Final voyage. Scenes on board. Pitcairn I surfboats. Paying-off pennant
Episode 22RangitikiNew Zealand Shipping Co19291698400:06:5502:50Scenes on board. Childrens fancy-dress party
Episode 22RangitataNew Zealand Shipping Co19291696900:08:2800:42Passing at sea for the last tiome
Episode 22Ships shown: Rakaia, Perim, Piriki, Hauraki, Port Adelaide and Otakivarious00:09:4604:50Sequence showing NZS offices in London docks and Leadenhall street during Christmas 1950s
Episode 22HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:17:2500:57At Auckland loading wool, sailing before christmas
Episode 22RangitikiNew Zealand Shipping Co19291698400:18:2301:40
Episode 22DurhamFederal Line19341090900:20:2200:27Loading freezer cargo at Wellington
Episode 22RuahineNew Zealand Shipping Co19511785100:20:5701:19loading
Episode 22Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020400:22:1600:51Sailing Wellington for Sydney
Episode 22City of BrisbaneEllerman Line19511060000:23:3000:38Manz Line charter
Episode 22RangitikiNew Zealand Shipping Co19291698400:24:0902:05Sailing on last voyage, Wellington, March 1962
Episode 22PiprikiNew Zealanmd Shipping Co19441006500:26:1400:56Loading at Port Chalmers, sailing
Episode 22Port St JohnPort Line1938585800:27:1000:32Sailing on final voyage
Episode 22StrathedenP&O19372373200:27:4100:18Sailing from Sydney
Episode 22Port FremantlePort Line1927855300:28:4400:09
Episode 22Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020400:29:1400:28Sailing from Fremantle
Episode 22HimalayaP&O19492795500:29:4201:42Sailing from Fremantle for Colombo. Flying fish
Episode 22Cathay (ex Baudoinville)P&O19571380900:31:0700:17Passing at sea
Episode 22AdenP&O1946994300:31:2900:29With diver
Episode 22OranjeNederland Line19382100000:31:5800:58loading
Episode 22AdenP&O1946994300:32:5700:50Scenes on board crossing the line
Episode 22Port DunedinPort Line1925752700:33:4800:47At Curacao, Panama canal transit
Episode 22TyroneAvenue Shipping Co1937588500:36:34~06:00Two clips. Outward bound for NZ. Doxford engines. Auckland pilot
Episode 22CanopicShaw Savill19541111600:47:3300:12Homeward bound
Episode 22DurhamFederal Line19341090900:47:4701:48cadetship
Episode 22Fremantle StarBlue Star Line1944992300:49:3600:22At San Francisco
Episode 22RangitotoNew Zealand Shipping Co19492180900:49:5900:16
Episode 22RangitataNew Zealand Shipping Co19291696900:50:1500:33Bad weather sequence
Episode 22DurhamFederal Line19341090900:50:4800:22In snow conditions
Episode 22Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020400:54:0000:38Scenes on board. Deck games
Episode 22Northern StarShaw Savill19622473100:54:3900:21
Episode 23Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19392646300:00:4000:13
Episode 23RakaiaNew Zealand Shipping1945821300:01:3200:20Panama Canal transit
Episode 23AdenP&O1946994300:02:2800:08Panama Canal transit
Episode 23Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:03:2500:10Panama Canal transit
Episode 23Port St JohnPort Line1938585800:03:3800:10Panama Canal transit
Episode 23RangitaneNew Zealand Shipping19492186700:03:5300:17Panama Canal transit
Episode 23CornwallFederal Line1952758300:04:1100:22Panama Canal transit
Episode 23HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:04:3400:32Panama Canal transit
Episode 23RangitotoNew Zealand Shipping19492180900:05:0600:53Panama Canal transit
Episode 23CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:06:0006:47In Sydney. Stills of pax accom
Episode 23Largs BayShaw Savill
(ex- Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line)
19211436200:06:4700:34Filmed in 1947 final voyage with paying-off pennant
Episode 23OrionOrient Line19352369600:07:2100:44Final voyage in 1963
Episode 23Constitution State (ex Skagway Victory)States Marine Corporation1944761300:01:5300:07Passing at sea. Victory type
Episode 23OrontesOrient Line19292018600:08:0503:09Final voyage. Colombo, Aden, Suez
Episode 23Tamaroa (ex Sophocles)Shaw Savill19221237500:11:1400:38At Caracas on final voyage
Episode 23DurhamFederal Line19341090900:12:2500:25At Curacao on final voyage
Episode 23Port AucklandPort :Line19491194500:12:5900:05At Curacao
Episode 23Port St JohnPort Line1938585800:13:1600:27
Episode 23HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:13:4300:20
Episode 23RangitataNew Zealand Shipping19291696900:14:0400:40At Kingston, Jamaica
Episode 23RuahineNew Zealand Shipping19511785100:14:4503:28At Port Everglades. Stills of pax accom
Episode 23Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:18:402:32Scenes on board. Deck games
Episode 23Dominion MonarchShaw Savill19392646300:19:0000:05On final voyage. Passing at sea
Episode 23OrianaOrient Line19604191500:21:1200:12On speed trials
Episode 23CanberraP&O19614573300:21:2401:22Arriving Auckland
Episode 23Northern StarShaw Savill19622473100:22:4605:17Launch by Queen Mother on 27th June 1961 at Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle. Sailin g on maiden voyage from Tyne, 19th June 1962. Scenes on board, bridge, Engineroom, stills of pax accom. Visit of Queen Mother in Southampton. Sailing from Southampton.
Episode 23Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020300:28:0500:42Passing Northern Star. Scenes on board. Crossing the line.
Episode 23OtakiNew Zealand Shipping19531093400:28:4700:43Scenes on board in Pacific
Episode 23Queen MaryCunard19368123700:30:2900:24Scenes on board
Episode 23HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:30:5301:27Sailing from Curacao. Scenes on board
Episode 23TamaroaShaw Savill19221237500:32:2000:50Pacific. Scenes on board
Episode 23DurhamFederal Line19341090900:33:1001:18Cadetship. Captain’s inspection. Radio room
Episode 23Otaki, Coptic, Southern Cross, Rangitata, Rakaia,Port Fremantle, Hinakura, Canopic, Hauraki, Port St John, Port Auckland, Cornwall, Ruahine, Otaio00:34:3005:30ROUGH WEATHER SEQUENCE involving all listed ships
Episode 23HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:41:5200:24Arriving London
Episode 23CeramicShaw Savill19481589600:43:0800:22the channels
Episode 23Port St JohnPort Line1938585800:43:3200:14Final voyage
Episode 23DurhamFederal Line19341090900:43:4600:58Fog and snow. English Channel
Episode 23OtakiNew Zealand Shipping19531093400:44:4400:31Pilot at Dungenmess
Episode 23DurhamFederal Line19341090900:46:4201:38Pilot at Gravesend, passing Worcester, entering Royal docks, cadet inspection
Episode 23TamaroaShaw Savill19221237500:48:2000:34Final voyage from Bristol
Episode 23ArabicShaw Savill1957649700:53:0201:24Outbound to NZ. Suez transit. Scenes on board.
Episode 2300:48:5403:31Royal docks scenes – many ships
Episode 23IonicShaw Savill19591121900:54:3001:50Scenes on board. Stills of Shaw Savill brochure pics
Episode 23Remuera (ex Parthia)New Zealand Shipping19481336200:56:2102:54Scenes on board
Episode 23HurunuiNew Zealand Shipping19481127600:57:1300:39Passing at sea
Episode 23TongariroNew Zealand Shipping19661100000:59:1501:45
Episode 23WestmorelandFederal Line1966823101:00:3200:07In Liverpool
Episode 23Akaroa (ex Amazon)Shaw Savill19602036201:01:0101:37In drydock. Scenes on board. Royal Mail film of interior
Episode 23Arawa (ex Arlanza)Shaw Savill19602036201:02:3900:41Passing in Pacific. Scenes on board. Crossing the line
Episode 23Ocean Monarch (ex Empress of England)Shaw Savill19572550001:03:3000:40
Episode 23StrathcononP&O1967986301:04:1100:42
Episode 23Port St LawrencePort Line1961904001:04:5301:27Sailing from London round-the-world. Panama canal transit
Episode 23Port HuonPort Line1927853901:05:2500:11Passing at sea
Episode 23Port ChalmersPort Line19681239800:01:05:5700:07Passing in Panama canal
Episode 23Port St LawrencePort Line1961904001:07:0700:20Repainting funnel in Atlas Line colours
Episode 23Andalucia StarBlue Star Line1975978401:08:0200:36In Pool of London alongside HMS Belfast. Tower bridge transit
Episode 23California StarBlue Star Line197`11909501:08:3800:58Panama canal transit
Episode 23Northern StarShaw Savill19622473101:09:3602:40Cruising. Scenes on board
Episode 23Southern CrossShaw Savill19552020301:12:1501:29On Med cruise
Episode 23Northern Star and Ocean MonarchShaw Savill01:13:4400:24Laid up
Episode 23Azure Seas (ex Southern Cross)195520203Cruising in Long Beach. Scenes on board
Episode 23Ocean Breeze (ex Southern Cross)19552020301:16:1001:00cruising
Episode 23Queen Mary (excursion steamer)Caledonian Steam Packet Co
(when new)
193388101:19:3501:20Last vessel to leave Royal Docks, 4th October 1985. Tugs Plangent (Capt Ted Bibby) and Plasma
Episode 24DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery197220216Features throughout
Episode 25Dagmar BrattA Bratt & Co, Gothenburg1920147600:01:3002:07Discharging paper & wood pulp
Episode 25MedwayT R Brown00:03:3800:08Tug towing Norwegian vessel
Episode 25John KingC J King & Sons19364900:03:4600:04
Episode 25LapwingGeneral Steam Nav Co194492100:03:5000:03
Episode 25SkerriesReg. Glasgow00:04:0000:18Sunk 1916
Episode 25KentFederal Line1918874900:04:5300:04
Episode 25StrathnaverP & O19312227000:05:2502:07Arriving Avonmouth. Boat train, embarking, sailing, locking out
Episode 25PlutoBristol S S Co195098800:07:4800:10Alongside at Bristol
Episode 25SonjaTransmarin, Sweden1940159900:08:0008:08
Episode 25Unnamed lightship00:08:0900:10Chas. Hill shipyard
Episode 25Northwest60000:08:2000:38launch
Episode 25John KingC J King & Sons19364900:09:3004:25Modern film of voyage in preserved tug
Episode 25MayflowerBritish Waterways18613200:10:4000:05
Episode 25Zenit196100:13:5500:23Russian cadetship entering lock. Tugs Sea Alert at bow, J King at stern.
Episode 25UnitasN S Gruno195034000:14:1600:08Dutch coaster
Episode 25ApolloBristol S N Co19541266Filmed by Ray Perry
Episode 25ZaanstroomN V Nederlands SS195249600:15:1700:14
Episode 25Peter LeighF A Ashmead194132000:15:3000:10
Episode 25PlutoBristol S N Co195098800:15:4000:27From Dublin
Episode 25StalheimA/S Standard, Oslo1935132600:16:0700:19With tug John King forward
Episode 25Swingreet00:16:2600:57Dutch
Episode 25Cortia50000:17:2200:35Swedish
Episode 25Silja DanJ Lauritzen1951358800:17:5700:08Danish
Episode 25Harry BrownT R Brown196263400:18:4800:52Sand derdger
Episode 25Silja DanJ Lauritzen1951358800:20:0400:10
Episode 25Dal Karoo19982389600:21:0001:38Container ship working cargo
Episode 25Grande ElladeGrimaldi Lines20015200000:22:3500:43Car carrier
Episode 25Uloa1948500000:24:5801:38Banana carrier arriving Avonmouth. Tug Avongarth forward
Episode 25SunseahorseSaguenay1961400000:26:0100:15
Episode 25JaladhanScindia1956652700:26:3600:32Sailing, tug Sea Alarm forward
Episode 25Acclivity (ex Atheltarn)Everard1929117900:27:0800:16
Episode 25City of LucknowEllerman Lines1946996100:27:2400:05
Episode 25Port VictorPort Line19431040900:27:2900:25
Episode 25City of New YorkEllerman Lines1947842000:25:5300:05At Avonmouth
Episode 25Texaco ArkansasTexaco195600:18:4000:07
Episode 25Enugu PalmPalm Line1958532800:28:4600:16
Episode 25H R BT R Brown00:29:2500:27Bunker barge
Episode 25Nora00:29:5200:07Dutch coaster
Episode 25New Westminster CityBristol City Line (Reardon Smith)1956616000:29:5700:29
Episode 25Trader (ex Tobiatic Park)Bahia Salinas C N (Liberian)1944709100:30:2600:22Tug Polygarth forward. Fort type
Episode 25Queen CityBristol City Line (Reardon Smith)1950559300:30:4900:17
Episode 25Texaco EuropeTexaco19541300000:31:0701:20Locking in at Avonmouth. Tugs Polygarth forward, Falgarth aft
Episode 25Irish OakIrish Shipping1949507700:32:2500:08
Episode 25AdventurerT & J Harrison19608971
Episode 25King AlexanderKing Line1952588300:33:1500:25
Episode 25Kyles187200:33:4100:08Coaster (clyde puffer type ?)
Episode 25Margaret Angelina00:33:4900:08coaster
Episode 25Broland1956900000:34:0000:22Swedish. Tug Bristolian aft
Episode 25La SelvaBuries Markes19587000
Episode 25SunmountO Pedersen/Saguenay charter1953700000:35:0500:20
Episode 25New Westminster CityBristol City Line (Reardon Smith)1956616000:35:2500:16sailing
Episode 25Ima Sam – renamed SundaleSaguenay charter1963500000:35:4001:44Tug Sea Queen forward
Episode 25Serifos300000:37:5900:24Greek, unloading potatoes
Episode 25DomsheideGerman11000Unloading potash
Episode 25CastianaGreek720000:38:5400:10Liberty ship NOT Victory type as in commentary!
Episode 25PeguP Henderson1961576400:39:0500:40Arrival. Tugs Sea Merrimac and Sea Volunteer
Episode 25Tysla1958873600:39:5300:33Unloading aluminium to barge
Episode 25Regent JaneRegent Oil Co Ltd195237600:40:3000:10Coastal tanker
Episode 25Holdfast00:40:4700:08Grain barge
Episode 25ResoluteBritish Waterways18976200:40:5500:18Gloucester tug, barges in tow
Episode 25Waterdale HJ Harker195327800:41:1300:20Tank barge
Episode 25Bermuda Hibiscus (ex Beaverglen)Hibiscus Ltd, Bermuda1946982400:41:3300:36
Episode 25City of CoventryEllerman Line1949756800:42:0900:06
Episode 25CostisPanamanian1956847400:42:1500:45sailing
Episode 25LindosLiberian19621100000:43:0600:55
Episode 25Bristol CityBristol City Line1959588700:44:0000:10
Episode 25Argo EllasGreek1000000:44:1000:10Discharging phosphates
Episode 25New York CityBristol City Line1956560300:45:3500:10
Episode 25Aureity (ex Empire Cadet)F T Everard194281300:46:0500:40tanker
Episode 25City of WinnipegEllerman Lines1956771600:46:5201:26arriving
Episode 25CardiganbrookeComben Longstaffe1952180000:48:5000:38Arriving
Episode 25Sea GemC J King19445400:49:2800:29Tug, laid up for sale. TID type
Episode 25King AegenasGreek1956800000:49:5700:26In Royal Edward drydock
Episode 25Nizhniy TagieRussian00:51:0800:34Tug Sea Queen forward
Episode 25British GullClyde Charter (BP)19591115600:51:4400:10Commentary states over 100,000 tons – I don’t think so!
Episode 25SalisburyB Perry00:52:4600:25Tug with barges
Episode 25Tubo195700:53:1500:05Dutch coaster
Episode 25Stapleton00:54:0000:24T R Brown bunker barge alongside
Episode 25MatinaElders & Fyffes1946680100:54:3100:37Unloading bananas
Episode 25Asterofe00:55:0700:10Dutch tanker
Episode 25Montreal CityBristol City Line1963662300:55:1800:34Discharging logs
Episode 25PerangElder Dempster1954617700:55:5601:08arriving
Episode 25Empire00:57:0400:18Dutch coaster
Episode 25State of KeralaShipping Corporation of India1957600000:57:2200:32
Episode 25Adelaide StarBlue Star Line19501296400:58:1500:15
Episode 25OakmoreFurness Withy/Johnston Warren1939470000:58:5700:40arriving
Episode 25Moira MMetcalfe193767800:59:4000:18
Episode 25Clan GrahamBritish & Commonwealth1962930801:00:0800:18
Episode 25Bristol QueenP & A Campbell194696101:00:4601:15
Episode 26LusitaniaCunard19073155000:05:3900:14
Episode 26SamariaCunard19221960200:05:5900:06
Episode 26VoltaireLamport & Holt19231324800:06:0500:10
Episode 26Reina del PacificoPSNC19311787200:06:1500:09
Episode 26CaliforniaAnchor Line19231679200:06:2400:13
Episode 26AdriaticWhite Star19072454100:06:3700:17
Episode 26ScythiaCunard19211973000:07:0400:17
Episode 26LancastriaCunard19221624300:07:2100:31
Episode 26MauretaniaCunard19393573800:07:5201:00At Landing Stage on maiden voyage, sailing 17th June 1939
Episode 26Van DyckLamport & Holt19211323300:08:0000:10
Episode 26Royal Daffodil (ex- Overchurch)Mersey Ferries196246800:09:0500:15Mersey ferry (modern)
Episode 26Royal Daffodil IIWallasey Corporation195860900:09:2000:17Mersey ferry
Episode 26LangbourneLiverpool Lighterage19146900:09:4000:09tug
Episode 26Lady GraniaGuinness1952115200:09:4900:09
Episode 26Reina del MarPSNC19562022500:10:0700:49
Episode 26Ahmada Bello00:10:1000:50
Episode 26Monte AnagaAznar Line1959681300:12:0300:15
Episode 26BosphorusFred Olsen1956447100:12:1800:26
Episode 26BaghdadFred Olsen1956422900:12:4400:31
Episode 26BenlawersBen Line1944780400:13:2000:15
Episode 26Brooktor ex – Willem Mennen1954506300:13:3500:07
Episode 26Maqbool Baksh ex – Pemba of BIUnited Oriental1949744900:13:5700:19
Episode 26CustodianT & J Harrison1961885000:14:1600:19
Episode 26TurkistanStrick Line1939693500:14:5100:05
Episode 26AureolElder Dempster19511408300:14:5600:19In drydock
Episode 26SilverisleSilver Line Bermuda1960774400:15:1500:35
Episode 26AlblasserdykHolland America1943829200:15:5000:09
Episode 26Sue LykesLykes Lines1945817900:15:5900:12C2 type
Episode 26SaxoniaCunard1963558600:16:1701:01(cargo ship) entering Canada dock
Episode 26CoburgAlexandra Towing1934201Stern tug of above
Episode 26Oakmore ex- LevantJohnston Warren Line1939470000:17:1801:24
Episode 26SalthouseAlexandra Towing1935192Tug attending above
Episode 26Bramley MooreAlexandra Towing1922217Tug attending above
Episode 26ObuasiElder Dempster1952588300:18:5200:11
Episode 26Raeburn ex- WansteadWatts, Watts,1949909600:19:1500:51Charter to Lamport & Holt
Episode 26HectorBlue Funnel19501012500:20:0600:34
Episode 26BeechgarthRea1964207Forward tug to above
Episode 26PyrrhusBlue Funnel19491009300:20:4500:05
Episode 26GrimSvea Line1962159900:21:1801:22Swedish
Episode 26J H LameyLamey1914172Tug attending above
Episode 26DefoeLamport & Holt1945864100:23:0400:23
Episode 26AnabisiCoe (Booker Line)195850000:23:4800:12coaster
Episode 26World FriendshipNiarchos Group00:24:0000:24tanker
Episode 26TurkistanStrick Line1939693500:24:2400:20After collision damage
Episode 26BisonCoast Line00:24:4400:34
Episode 26Canadian StarBlue Star Line1957662000:26:1700:26
Episode 26Norman PrincePrince Line1956270900:27:2300:24
Episode 26AureolElder Dempster19511408300:28:4700:06alongside
Episode 26CarinthiaCunard19562194700:29:4501:30arriving
Episode 26Empress of EnglandCanadian Pacific19572550000:31:1601:15
Episode 26Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific19612728400:32:3002:27WSS ship visit 1961, Gladstone dock
Episode 26Empress of BritainCanadian Pacific19562551600:34:5621:50Travelogue film of CP vessels on Atlantic service, covering both E-bound and W-bound passages in both ships
Episode 27AndaniaCunard00:00:3902:00Sequences shot on overhead railway, with passengers arriving and boarding vessel
Episode 2700:02:4001:35Husskinson Dock sugar unloading including Aveling & Barford Calfdozer, and the Tate & Lyle sugar gun
Episode 27Matadi PalmPalm Line1948624600:04:1501:00Arriving Bromborough
Episode 27Clan MacLennanClan Line1947636600:05:1500:22Loading at Vittoria Dock
Episode 27Clan CummingClan Line1946787000:05:3700:30Loading at Vittoria Dock
Episode 27Clan RobertsonClan Line1954787800:06:0701:22Loading at Vittoria Dock. Heavy lifts inc. tanks and locomotives. Beyer Peacock Garratt loco
Episode 27Wirral CoastCoast Line196288100:08:2300:17
Episode 27TuskarClyde S.C.160000:09:1100:07
Episode 27Barnton00:09:4010:08Motor barge
Episode 27D W Williams00:10:0800:17Steam barge
Episode 27Kerne00:10:2500:31Tug with barge White Star in E Princes half-tide dock
Episode 27ManxmanIOMSPCo1955250000:11:1200:17At landing stage
Episode 27GovernorT & J Harrisons1952820200:11:2900:15
Episode 27William LameyLamey189910300:11:4400:12tug
Episode 27ClytoneusBlue Funnel1948762000:12:0700:07
Episode 27Claus OldendorffOldendorff195800:12:1400:40Entering locks Birkenhead
Episode 27Iron CrownHoulder195800:12:5400:20Entering locks Birkenhead. Stated as Iron Age on soundtrack
Episode 27Annunciation DayGreek1946804700:14:1000:22Ex- Bencruachan
Episode 27HerefordshireBibby Line1943831100:14:3200:08Ex-Port Hardy
Episode 27NevasaBritish India19562052700:14:5800:10Howard Smith tug in foreground
Episode 27NevasaBritish India19562052700:15:0800:37sailing
Episode 27Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific19282044800:15:5301:24Ex- Duchess of Richmond. Sequences of fire and aftermath, including Salvor
Episode 27196000:17:2000:50Fire in Hornby dock cotton warehouse. Cargo ship moving away. Fire fighting
Episode 27Water Witch00:18:1001:00Driftwood scoop
Episode 27Egremont00:19:1000:18Mersey ferry
Episode 27Makeni PalmPalm Line1951613700:19:2800:42
Episode 27HeraklesGreek00:20:1000:34Soundtrack states carrying cement but film shows timber deck cargo. Vessel listing
Episode 27Fenja DanLauritzen195800:20:4400:24Ice-strenhened cargo ship
Episode 27TrecarrolHain00:21:1000:10
Episode 27Inishowen HeadHead Line1941503800:21:1400:10
Episode 27Firth FisherJames Fisher00:21:2500:14
Episode 27Wirral CoastCoast Lines00:21:3900:09
Episode 27CabourneCoastal Carriers193152800:21:4800:12
Episode 27CiliciaAnchor Line19381115700:22:1300:03
Episode 27ShaftesburyHoulder Line1958853200:22:1600:25Chartered to Clan Line
Episode 27Swan RiverHoulder1959963700:22:4100:26Not Swan Hunter as soundtrack
Episode 27MemnonBlue Funnel1959850400:23:0701:10
Episode 27MammothMersey D & H00:24:5600:48Floating crane
Episode 27Inishowen HeadHead Line19658621Not the vessel in ref. 0027. This is a newer vessel
Episode 27AgapenorBlue Funnel1947766400:26:0500:30
Episode 27AlcinousBlue Funnel1952779900:26:3501:04Scenes in engineroom and inside of funnel
Episode 27AtreusBlue Funnel1951780000:27:3902:14Scenes on voyage. Heavy weather. Flying fish. Arriving Hong Kong
Episode 27Queen ElizabethCunard/C Y Tung19408367300:29:5300:10At anchor at Honk Kong. Named Seawise University just before loss by sabotage and fire
Episode 27AtreusBlue Funnel1951780000:30:0300:37Typhoon scenes in Hong Kong
Episode 27EbaniElder Dempster1942939600:30:4000:42Boat landing at Lagos. Crew jolly ashore
Episode 27AureolElder Dempster19511408300:31:4200:27Arriving Lagos
Episode 27BhamoElder Dempster1957593200:32:0900:55In the creeks. Sepele
Episode 27AccraElder Dempster19471160000:33:0000:15At Lagos
Episode 27City of MelbourneEllerman Line00:33:3800:04
Episode 27City of LiverpoolEllerman Line1949761200:33:4200:23Arriving Capetown
Episode 27unidentifiedT & J Harrison00:34:3400:56Offloading cargo at anchor in West Indies
Episode 27MahseerBrocklebank1948894500:35:0000:47At Aden
Episode 27Woodarra classBritish India1957870000:35:4700:20Also Tiger class cruiser at Aden
Episode 27MahseerBrocklebank1948894500:36:0700:39Passing Blue Funnel A boat
Episode 27Johann van OldenbarneveltNederland Line19301904000:36:4600:09At Colombo
Episode 27ElmbankBank Line1960644900:37:1500:18At Trincomalee, Ceylon
Episode 27VizagGreat Eastern SC00:37:3300:15Wrecked at Vizaghapatnam
Episode 27AccraElder Dempster19471160000:38:0702:13With President of Liberia on board, leaving Freetown, Sierra leone dressed overall. Bound Liverpool
Episode 27City of OxfordEllerman Line1948759300:41:2300:40Sailing Cape Town for Liverpool
Episode 27MahseerBrocklebank1948894500:42:0300:27On-board scenes
Episode 27BhamoElder Dempster1957593200:42:3000:25On-board scenes
Episode 27Satsuma MaruNYK1956934200:43:2800:11
Episode 27DunaddSt Andrews SC19551062500:43:3900:51Iron ore carrier
Episode 27YouhaoChinese00:44:3000:23Ex- Eartha Rickmers
Episode 27TulipfieldBritish Wheeler Process Ltd192239000:44:5300:12Steam coaster. Ex- Nordland
Episode 27Empress of CanadaCanadian Paciific196127284Maiden voyage. Sailing from princes Landing Stage, Liverpool. Heavy weather scenes. Arriving Montreal. Decorated shed No 8. Sailing for Liverpool
Episode 27KalydonShell19551210700:48:4500:13tanker
Episode 27Frome Head?Head line00:49:0000:28Backing out of Birkenhead locks. Possibly incorrectly identified. No record of a Frome Head
Episode 27Kada (?) possibly QuedaTrident Tankers19691325200:49:5000:09In Mersey
Episode 27FenellaIOMSPCo1951101900:49:5000:14At Princes Landing Stage
Episode 27Olib00:50:1200:22East European vessel
Episode 27British EnsignBP Tankers196370,000 dwt00:50:3401:03Launch at Cammell Laird
Episode 27FaristanStrick1959963300:51:3700:05
Episode 27Clan ShawClan Line1950810100:51:5200:05
Episode 27SilverleafSilver Line19631073600:51:5700:19
Episode 27TranspacificKohlen1954552200:52:1600:03German
Episode 27North RockAlexander Towing195620600:52:5000:15Tug. With Hornby (1936)
Episode 27Indian TriumphShipping Corporation of India196000:53:1100:21
Episode 27JaladharmaScindia1957652700:53:3200:10
Episode 27City of GuildfordEllerman Line1957516000:54:0300:47
Episode 27Clan GrantClan Line1962932200:54:5001:48Locking in, and locking out. Birkenhead
Episode 27AureolElder Dempster19511408300:56:3600:24Scenes on bridge, engineroom (Doxfords) and in Radio room
Episode 27AutomedonBlue Funnel1949763600:57:0000:30
Episode 27SalamancaPSNC1948670400:57:3000:21Arriving Mersey
Episode 27DefenderT & J Harrison1955836700:57:5100:16Arriving Mersey
Episode 28FaristanStrick1959963300:02:5000:10At the masting crane, Eastham, removing funnel
Episode 28MSC BadgerMSC193914400:03:0900:39Steam tug commanded by Captain Steele assisting Norwegian tanker Landvard to Stanlow. Stern tug MSC Puma (1950)
Episode 28Helmsley 1191600:03:4800:37Bunker barge
Episode 28Wega196000:04:2500:34German coaster. With harbourmaster’s launch
Episode 28Willem Fortuin195800:05:2700:21German coaster
Episode 28Arizona00:05:4800:19coaster
Episode 28BrilliantW Robertson (Gem Line)195800:06:0700:23coaster
Episode 28JadeW Robertson (Gem Line) 00:07:1200:19coaster
Episode 28MSC GowyMSC192400:07:4200:30dredger
Episode 28Punta SpigaSTT19541296800:08:3500:38Italian tanker
Episode 28Marwit40000:09:3600:13
Episode 28HolosperoShell00:09:4900:28tanker
Episode 28Clan MaclayClan Line1949607500:10:4800:23
Episode 28Peakdale00:11:1100:26Sand hopper
Episode 28MSC TalismanMSC196100:11:3700:12Bow tug assisting Scholar (below)
Episode 28ScholarT & J Harrison1944727400:11:3700:50Liberty ship
Episode 28DalesmanT & J Harrison1961720000:12:5201:30Sea scenes filmed on board
Episode 28FranconiaCunard19232034100:13:3600:04Cruising in W Indies
Episode 28HerdsmanT & J Harrison1947682200:14:2202:05Cadet ship. Sea scenes inc. crossing the line, pilot boarding @ Cape Town.
Episode 28ProspectorT & J Harrison1943616500:16:2902:57Sea scenes to and from W Indies. Suez canal.
Episode 28SculptorT & J Harrison1944724400:19:5200:21Liberty ship. Soundtrack narrative states built by Henderson of Glasgow. Actually…….
Episode 28AdministratorT & J Harrison1958871400:20:1300:37Arriving at Kingston, Jamaica
Episode 28CraftsmanT & J Harrison1947672500:20:5001:58Including anchor and bell. Arriving Manchester
Episode 28Thompson LykesLykes Lines1940676300:23:0004:00Type C2 standard. From Galveston. Sequence from arriving Eastham Locks, removing funnel and voyage up MSC passing numerous ships
Episode 28Cyprian PrincePrince Line1949235800:23:3800:17With tug MSC Mallard (1939)
Episode 28Irish PoplarIrish Shipping1956802300:23:5500:33
Episode 28CamporrealCia Arrendataria DMPSA1954203000:24:2800:22Spanish tanker
Episode 28BliaA/S Songa1952199100:24:5200:10Norwegian  tanker
Episode 28Sue LykesLykes Lines1945817900:25:0225:19Type C2 standard. Ex- Tornado
Episode 28Lady GraniaGuinness00:25:2300:17Guinness tanker
Episode 28Atlantic BaronetLivanos (Atlantic Tankers)19521176700:25:4001:13tanker
Episode 28Enugu PalmPalm Line1959532800:27:2700:23
Episode 28Clan AngusClan Line1942701500:27:5000:19From South Africa
Episode 28ModestaPaulins Rederi1923370000:28:0900:19Finnish. Ex- Huntress, ex- Empire Torridge, ex- Asiatic
Episode 28American ScientistUnited States Lines1943823900:28:2800:36Type C2 standard. At Runcorn
Episode 28Irish MapleIrish Shipping1957621800:29:0400:17
Episode 28SerbistanStrick1944723900:29:2100:17Liberty ship
Episode 28PicardyRoyal Mail Lines1957745000:29:3800:20
Episode 28Pacific UnityFurness1948951100:29:5800:12
Episode 28Clan MacLeanClan Line1947601700:30:1000:15
Episode 28Manchester ShipperManchester Liners1938763600:30:3500:11
Episode 28Manchester MarinerManchester Liners1955781500:30:4600:20
Episode 28Manchester RenownManchester Liners1964874200:31:0600:28
Episode 28Manchester ConcordeManchester Liners19691189800:31:3400:57containers
Episode 28Manchester CrusadeManchester Liners19711189800:32:3110:07Scenes on board voyage from Manchester across Atlantic. Ice navigation in St Lawrence with icebreaker assistance
Episode 28Manchester CrusadeManchester Liners19711189800:34:2704:13Ice navigation in St Lawrence
Episode 28Manchester ConceptManchester Liners1967817600:38:4002:58Ex- Manchester Progress. Converted to container ship 1980 renamed M Concept. Seaway lock operations plus streaker
Episode 28MartandT & J Brocklebank1939800700:42:5300:22Entering Colombo
Episode 28MartandT & J Brocklebank1939800700:43:2701:38Scenes at sea inc. crossing the line and demountable swimming pool. Film shot by John Groom
Episode 28Clan AlpineClan Line1942710300:45:0501:13Ex- Empire Barrie. Aground high and dry in a paddy field near Chittagong
Episode 28Clan MalcolmClan Line1957800000:46:2402:20At Cape Town. Scenes loading wool, painting draught marks, and on bridge leaving Capetown
Episode 28City of Wellin on (class)Ellerman Lines00:50:0200:18Passing at sea
Episode 28Clan MalcolmClan Line1957800000:50:2000:37Scenes on deck and taking sights on bridge
Episode 28NewfoundlandJohnston Warren Line1964666000:51:0001:34Sailing from Newfoundland. Sea scenes in bad weather. Heavy rolling with film of inclinometer. Arriving Liverpool
Episode 28NewfoundlandJohnston Warren Line1964666000:55:3002:44Sailing up Manchester Ship Canal
Episode 28StatesmanT & J Harrison1944725400:56:1400:21Passing in MSC
Episode 28SylvaniaCunard19572198900:52:4800:14With Monas Queen at princes Landing Stage
Episode 28Monas QueenIOMSPCo19462485See above
Episode 28Border QueenLowland Tankers00:53:0200:23At Stanlow
Episode 28British RobinB P Tankers19591545000:53:2500:15At Stanlow
Episode 28PlanetGerman coaster. To Partinon loading coke
Episode 28Varla danLauritzen00:54:3200:06
Episode 28CaxtonRunciman1943727100:54:3800:10Paper from Canada
Episode 28Pacific NorthwestFurness Withy1954944200:54:4900:35Arriving Eastham
Episode 28AdviserT & J Harrison19772786700:59:0602:03Container ship sailing from Seaforth Dock. Last sailing of a Harrison boat from Liverpool
Episode 29Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19686586300:02:1903:40At Moorea
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:12:5201:02Sailing from San Francisco
Episode 29Hawaiian Merchant (ex- Sea Skimmer)Matson1947830000:15:3400:12Loading at San Francisco
Episode 29Matson00:08:0800:32Bagged sugar loading into barges and molasses loaded by floating hose
Episode 29Hawaiian Builder (and Lurline)Matson1945833800:15:4600:56Los Angeles loading cargo
Episode 29Hawaiian Builder and Hawaiian PlanterMatson00:16:4201:33Loading cargo. C3 types.
Episode 29Hawaiian Citizen and Hawaiian BankerMatson00:18:3700:18H Citizen ex- Sea Wren. H Banker ex- Sea Centaur
Episode 29Hawaiian Planter and Hawaiian EducatorMatson1945 (both)7,897 (both)00:18:5500:09H Educator ex- Sea Hare. H Planter ex-Sea Pegasus
Episode 29Hawaiian CraftsmanMatson1945788500:19:0300:39Ex- Marguerite Le Hand
Episode 29Hawaiian Builder (ex Sea Blenny)Matson1945833800:00:20:1900:49Voyage to Maui
Episode 29Hawaiian LoggerMatson00:21:0800:19
Episode 29Hawaiian Farmer (ex-Sea Sturgeon)Matson1945838300:21:3100:12
Episode 29Hawaiian Builder (ex Sea Blenny)Matson1945833800:21:4301:00Voyage sequences
Episode 29Hawaiian Pilot (ex- Burleigh)Matson1944844500:22:4300:24Unloading cargo into barges
Episode 29LurlineMatson1856400:23:0700:15Arrival (San Francisco?)
Episode 29Hawaiian Farmer (ex- Sea Sturgeon)Matson1945838300:00:23:2602:00Sailing for USA. Sequences on bridge and engineroom. Unloading in USA
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:25:2600:42Sailing from San Francisco, passing under Golden Gate bridge
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:27:0804:37On-board scenes from Matson PR
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:30:2700:05Passing Diamond Head, Honolulu
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:31:1000:28Arriving Honolulu
Episode 29LurlineMatson19321856400:36:3602:31Leaving Hawaii for USA
Episode 29ArcadiaP&O19542973400:41:0000:50Leaving San Francisco, passing under Golden Gate bridge
Episode 29OrianaP&O19604192300:41:5000:13
Episode 29CanberraP&O19614573300:42:0300:18Scenes on board. Radio room & hoisting NZ courtesy ensign
Episode 29MontereyMatson19521500000:43:0012:22Ex-Freestate Mariner. Voyage to New Zealand and Australia. Passing under Golden Gate bridge
Episode 29MontereyMatson19521500000:50:5500:15Departing Sydney for USA
Episode 29Falls of the Clyde187800:00:57:5101:26Sailing ship. 4-masted barque. Preserved
Episode 30Manchester CommerceManchester Liners1925534200:04:1503:45Inc. tug Old Trafford
Episode 30MahseerBrocklebank1925786400:08:0000:30
Episode 3000:09:5300:18Floating drydock
Episode 30unidentifiedBTC00:10:3700:29BTC tanker c.1920 discharging at Ellesmere Port
Episode 3000:01:5102:24Manchester dockside scenes from early 20th cent.
Episode 3000:11:0800:22China clay being unloaded at Runcorn
Episode 3000:11:3000:32Salt being unloaded
Episode 3000:12:2000:26Runcorn-Widnes Transporter bridge
Episode 30unidentifiedBrocklebank00:13:1901:17Iron ore discharging from Brocklebank ship
Episode 3000:14:4002:25Barton aqueduct
Episode 3000:17:0510:14Manchester docks film
Episode 30UnidentifiedManchester Liners00:17:2600:33Paddle tug manoeuvring Manchester Liner
Episode 3000:20:0600:31Manchester drydocks
Episode 3000:27:1908:21Ellesmere Port inc. Shropshire Union canal and narrowboats. Coal conveyor loading. Partinon. Runcorn. Bridgewater canal. (col film)
Episode 30Prince Albert ParkTavistock Shipping Co Ltd1946713000:30:4400:06Loading coal at Partinon
Episode 30SerbistanStrick1966898500:36:4000:18
Episode 30Manchester MarinerManchester liners1955781500:38:0000:34Vessel entering canal with tugs MSC Talisman and Tarn. Port operations and film shot on bridge
Episode 30CairngowanCairn Line1952750300:39:2200:15
Episode 3000:39:5501:12Film of pallet cargo then container cargo operations
Episode 3000:41:1400:25Stanlow oil refinery
Episode 30Kingsnorth FisherJames Fisher1966233000:45:1000:32Roll-on-roll-off operations showing transformer loading
Episode 30Clan MacGregorClan Line1962903900:45:4200:37Vessel in drydock
Episode 30FragumShell1952292600:46:1900:20Tanker
Episode 30Norman PrincePrince Line1956270900:46:3900:30
Episode 30Manchester MillerManchester Liners1959900000:47:1000:30Arriving from Canada
Episode 30AfghanistanStrick1940699200:47:4000:29Arriving from Persian Gulf
Episode 30Abel Tasman194600:48:1000:22Coaster
Episode 30OreptonHoulder1955686000:48:3200:22Ore carrier
Episode 30Dick LykesLykes Lines1945800000:48:5600:26C2 standard type
Episode 30ClarkavonClarkson/Denholm700000:49:2200:18Ore carrier
Episode 30Northumbrian PrincePrince Line1956270000:49:4000:32Assisted by tugs MSC Bison and MSC Sceptre
Episode 30Pacific EnvoyFurness Withy1958943900:51:2500:53
Episode 30KildaleRoland & Marwood’s SS Co.
(Headlam & Sons)
Episode 30Manchester SpinnerManchester Liners19527815
Episode 30Isaac CarterRunciman1952562600:54:5700:26Paper boat
Episode 30Bern50000:55:2300:17Dutch coaster
Episode 30Pacific UnityFurness Withy1948951100:55:4000:24
Episode 30RingStockholm Rederi AS1927139600:56:0500:14Swedish coaster
Episode 30GuinnessGuinness1931123400:56:1900:30Guinness tanker
Episode 30BaskervilleRunciman1954580500:56:4900:26Paper boat
Episode 30SilenO H Ahlmark & Co1948137600:57:1500:22Swedish coaster
Episode 30GotlanaPolish Ocean Line195900:57:3700:24
Episode 30Arla190000:58:0200:39Finnish. Assisted by tugs MSC Nymph aft and Cornbrooke forward
Episode 30ArabistanStrick1944736600:58:4100:30Aft tug MSC Ranger
Episode 30Manchester MarinerManchester Liners1955781500:59:1100:59Arriving Manchester
Episode 30SandsendRoland & Marwood’s SS Co.
(Headlam & Sons)
1944721601:01:4000:35Liberty ship or Sam boat
Episode 30Clan MacIverClan Line195801:02:1501:11
Episode 30IngletonChapman & Willan
(Carlton and Cambray SS Co)
1942502301:03:2600:51Tramp steamer
Episode 31ChusanP&O19502421500:02:2701:13Sailing from Southampton
Episode 31Highland PrincessNelson Line/Royal Mail19301421600:03:4504:32Arrival at KGV dock London
Episode 31Port SydneyPort Line1955999200:09:1203:13
Episode 31OrcadesOrient Line/P&O19482816400:13:0002:28
Episode 31Windsor CastleUnion Castle19593764000:15:3005:50Build, launch and maiden voyage
Episode 31HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:21:4503:47In Panama canal
Episode 31RajulaBritish India SN Co1926849600:24:4003:48
Episode 31Ikeja PalmPalm Line1961568200:28:3504:45Upriver W Africa
Episode 31EbaniElder Dempster1942939600:32:2300:57
Episode 31AureolElder Dempster19511408300:33:2000:35
Episode 31BhamoGuinea Gulf Line1957593200:34:0000:50
Episode 31AccraElder Dempster19471160000:34:5000:13
Episode 31AdastrusBlue Funnel Line1954785900:35:0301:52
Episode 31AntenorBlue Funnel Line1957797300:36:5800:13
Episode 31PolyphemusBlue Funnel Line1945767400:38:3300:15
Episode 31PatroclusBlue Funnel Line19501010900:38:4800:12
Episode 31City of DurbanEllerman Lines19541334500:39:3305:22
Episode 31Queen ElizabethCunard White Star19408367300:45:0004:10
Episode 31CanberraP&O19614907300:49:1504:58Arr from Falklands, and final voyage
Episode 31OrianaOrient Line/P&O19594191000:51:0500:25
Episode 31DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery19722021600:55:3005:30
Episode 32Queen MaryCunard White Star19368123700:06:4004:10Maiden voyage
Episode 32Brighton QueenRed Funnel190551900:07:3000:13Paddle steamer
Episode 32Lorna DooneRed Funnel189142700:08:0400:16Paddle steamer
Episode 32LiparusShell1948647300:11:0004:10
Episode 32CaroniaCunard White Star19483418300:15:3004:30Round-the-world voyage from NY
Episode 32AndesRoyal Mail Lines19392567600:20:0004:00Cruising from Southampton
Episode 32Southern CrossShaw, Savill & Albion19552020400:24:0004:10Launch at H&W, maiden voyage
Episode 32Kenya CastleUnion Castle Line19521704100:28:2204:03From London to E Africa
Episode 32AuthorT & J Harrison1959871500:32:4004:02Liverpool to W Indies
Episode 32Viceroy of IndiaP&O19291964800:36:4002:55Cruise to North Cape
Episode 32TyroneAvenue Shipping Co1937588500:39:4007:00Ex-Kaipoora. Engineroom film
Episode 32RakaiaNew Zealand Shipping Co1945821300:46:4501:01In Panama Canal
Episode 32AdenP&O1946994300:47:4600:54In Panama Canal
Episode 32Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:48:4000:15In Panama Canal
Episode 32RangitaneNew Zealand Shipping Co19492186700:49:1000:16In Panama Canal
Episode 32CornwallFederal Line19521106300:49:2700:18
Episode 32HuntingdonFederal Line19481127600:49:4500:38
Episode 32RangitotoNew Zealand Shipping Co19492180900:50:2300:57
Episode 32RangitataNew Zealand Shipping Co19291696900:51:2601:04Bad weather sequences
Episode 32Port FremantlePort Line1927855800:52:3000:22Bad weather sequences
Episode 32HinakuraNew Zealand Shipping Co19491127200:52:5200:12Bad weather sequences
Episode 32CanopicShaw, Savill & Albion19541111600:53:0400:08Bad weather sequences
Episode 32HaurakiNew Zealand Shipping Co19471127200:53:1200:53Bad weather sequences
Episode 32Port Saint JohnPort Line1938566800:54:0500:29Bad weather sequences
Episode 32Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:54:3400:26Bad weather sequences
Episode 32CornwallFederal Line1952758300:55:0300:21Bad weather sequences
Episode 32RuahineNew Zealand Shipping Co19511785100:55:2400:16Bad weather sequences
Episode 32OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:55:4001:00Full hurricane
Episode 32BenloyalBen Line19591146301:00:0004:36
Episode 32BenvrackieBen Line19551030201:03:2000:09
Episode 33DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery197220216Features throughout
Episode 34DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery197220216Features throughout
Episode 35OlympicWhite Star Line19114532400:01:3013:50
Episode 35NomadicWhite Star Line1911127300:12:3000:25
Episode 35NormandieFrench Line19358347300:13:5019:10
Episode 35ShieldhallGlasgow Corporation/Southern Water Authority/Solent S P Co1955179200:33:0000:45
Episode 35Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19687032700:33:4527:30
Episode 36Port LyttletonPort Line1947741300:06:0000:55
Episode 36Royston GrangeHoulder Bros19591038500:06:5500:45Destroyed by fire 1972
Episode 36BenvallaBen Line19621139100:08:1000:54
Episode 36RodopiHellenic Line1944192300:09:2501:40Ex- Empire Gavel
Episode 36Gerasinas L00:09:3500:30No reference
Episode 36Norfolk MaruNYK00:11:4201:06
Episode 36City of YorkEllerman Line19531334500:12:4800:12
Episode 36KenyaBritish India S N Co19511443400:13:0000:07
Episode 36BankuraBritish India S N Co1959679300:13:0700:08
Episode 36Port LauncestonPort Line19571046800:13:1500:25
Episode 36CorfuP&O19301425100:16:1800:18
Episode 36Dominion MonarchShaw Savill & Albion19392646300:16:3600:19
Episode 36OnitshaElder Dempster1952580200:17:3000:20
Episode 36BrittanniaSwedish Lloyd1929466100:17:5200:08
Episode 36AragonRoyal Mail Lines19592036200:18:0000:28
Episode 36LambethSE Gas Board1958187700:21:2700:08Flat-iron collier
Episode 36ComorinP&O1951923600:22:4500:12Ex- Singapore
Episode 36Port WyndhamPort Line1935870200:23:2000:10
Episode 36JordaensBelgian00:23:2000:35No reference
Episode 36Wilfrid00:24:1600:32Bulk carrier
Episode 36North Star00:24:4800:42
Episode 36Brazil StarBlue Star19471161000:25:3001:25
Episode 36Alderney CoastCoast Lines194056700:26:5500:35
Episode 36TitaniaHamburg-London Line195149900:22:3000:22
Episode 36BowfleetBritish Dredging1965154800:28:4000:12
Episode 36London MammothPLA195100:30:2801:25Floating Crane
Episode 36Isa MaruNYK1965991700:31:5400:34
Episode 36MagdapurT & J Brocklebank1945848800:32:2800:37
Episode 36Panio00:33:3000:17Coaster
Episode 36Raybel00:33:4700:23Thames barge
Episode 36Will Crooks/John BennLondon County Council193000:34:1001:35Woolwich Ferries
Episode 36Stanley AngwinCable & Wireless1952255300:35:5500:03Cable ship
Episode 36Kingston00:36:3000:14Flat-iron collier
Episode 36Yamashiro MaruNYK19631046700:37:1000:17Drydock
Episode 36MagdeburgEast German1958965600:38:0001:03Wreck after collision with Magdeburg
Episode 36Lancashire CoastCoast Lines1954128300:39:0800:37
Episode 36Medway QueenNew Medway S P Co192331600:39:4500:26Paddle stemer
Episode 36MeliskerkNederland Line1945763900:40:3201:18Victory type ship. Ex- Grijpskerk, Ex- Haverford Victory
Episode 36AmsteldykNederland Line1944764800:41:5002:05Ex- Panama Victory
Episode 36IonicShaw Savill & Albion19591121900:43:5501:22
Episode 36MekongMessageries Maritimes1949826700:45:2901:48
Episode 36AmazonRoyal Mail00:47:2002:29
Episode 36DalesmanT & J Harrison1940643700:50:2800:25
Episode 36Løvland00:51:0000:18Coaster
Episode 36Villa de Soriano00:51:5000:11Uruguayan
Episode 36Dombergh00:52:2400:24
Episode 36Baron MaclayH Hogarth1959806700:54:0000:57Hungry Hogarth’s !
Episode 36BaharistanFrank C Strick & Co1959851700:55:0801:21
Episode 36AssyriaCunard1950868300:55:5000:12
Episode 36LivornoEllerman’s Wilson1946295700:56:4800:29
Episode 36Tyela00:57:3500:15Dutch coaster
Episode 36AngliaHellenic Line00:58:0001:35
Episode 36Ena00:58:2800:12Thames barge
Episode 37CuthbertBooth Line19611535throughout
Episode 37HomericHome Lines19311801700:07:5500:07Ex- Mariposa
Episode 37GripsholmSwedish America19572319000:08:0200:09Later Navarino
Episode 37AntillesC19531982800:08:1100:26
Episode 37Empress of CanadaCanadian Pacific19612728400:08:3700:23
Episode 37VistafjordSwedish America19732429200:10:3500:09Later Caronia, then Saga Ruby
Episode 37AlbanBooth Line1971454700:24:1700:17Ex- Lyra
Episode 37ClementBooth Line1959190200:40:0000:25
Episode 37RomanzaChandris Line19391048000:45:0000:24Ex- Huascaran, Ex- Beaverbrae, ex- Aurelia
Episode 38BengloeBen Line19611128200:03:0700:56Launch at Chas Connell
Episode 38Port MelbournePort Line19551047000:04:2801:54
Episode 38Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:13:5518:56
Episode 38Fremantle StarBlue Star Line1960840300:29:2400:41
Episode 38Port CarolinePort Line19671240000:30:0500:13
Episode 38Port AlfredPort Line1960829600:30:1800:19
Episode 38President GrantAmerican President Line19671400000:32:1200:26
Episode 38Port AucklandPort Line19491194500:34:4602:38Storm scenes
Episode 38Spirit of FranceP&O Ferries19872643300:37:3600:36Ex- Pride of Dover
Episode 38CanterburyP&O Ferries1989891900:38:5500:11Ex- Stena Fantasia ex- Scandinavia
Episode 38KentP&O Ferries19912298600:39:0600:52Ex- Pride of Kent
Episode 38ProvenceP&O Ferries1983285591970-01-01 00:39:581970-01-01 00:12:00Ex- Stena Empereur
Episode 38CalaisP&O Ferries1987264331970-01-01 00:40:101970-01-01 00:32:00Ex- Pride of Calais
Episode 38BurgundyP&O Ferries1997281381970-01-01 00:42:421970-01-01 00:26:00EX- Pride of Burgundy
Episode 38AquitaineP&O Ferries1991288381970-01-01 00:44:201970-01-01 00:16:00Ex- Stena Royal
Episode 38SagafjordCunard1965245281970-01-01 00:46:321970-01-01 00:28:00Later Saga Rose
Episode 39Mayflower IIPlimouth Plantation195623800:01:491970-01-01 15:00:00Replica
Episode 39ColumbieC19311340000:11:4200:30
Episode 39HMS Ark RoyalRoyal Navy19553680000:13:0700:22Aircraft Carrier
Episode 39Stella PolarisBergen Line – Clipper Line1927502000:16:5712:35
Episode 39NassauMexican19221650400:19:1500:10Ex- Mongolia, Ex- Rimutaka
Episode 39Nieuw AmsterdamHolland-America Line19373600000:24:3800:41
Episode 39Empress of EnglandCanadian Pacific19562258500:25:1900:20
Episode 39BenwywisBen Line1944783800:30:4012:40Voyage from Albert Dock London to Christmas Island. with cargo for Atomic bomb tests
Episode 39OrcadesP&O Orient Line19472816400:44:4116:13
Episode 40MauretaniaCunard19073193800:11:4801:27Stills and movie footage
Episode 40Dominion MonarchShaw Savill & Albion193926463Construction at Swan Hunter
Episode 40Port BrisbanePort Line194911942
Episode 40Port AucklandPort Line194911945
Episode 40Port SydneyPort Line19559992
Episode 40Hudson StraitHudson SS Co19463105
Episode 40Sun XII1925183
Episode 40City of Port ElizabethEllerman Lines195213363
Episode 40GothicShaw Savill & Albion194815902
Episode 40ChessinonSouth Eastern Gas Board1946172000:38:0000:24
Episode 40HillsiderTyne Tugs Ltd191116300:38:0000:24
Episode 40BraemarFred Olsen1953477600:39:4000:25
Episode 40NorthumbrianTyne Commissioners193034400:40:1900:49Car ferry
Episode 40LedaBergen Line1953667000:42:5000:30
Episode 40A B GowanJarrow Corporation192100:44:3300:35Car ferry
Episode 40SimilarityF T Everard & Sons1951157500:45:0800:39
Episode 40Eppleton HallFrance Fenwick191416600:47:3608:00
Episode 40ReliantSeaham Harbour Dock Co190715600:49:5300:17
Episode 40CroydonSouth Eastern Gas Board1951187100:48:3601:11
Episode 40Northern StarShaw Savill & Albion19622475600:56:1402:24
Episode 40World UnicornNiarchos197413108700:58:4103:59
Episode 40James Clark RossBritish Antarctic Survey1991573201:02:4003:45
Episode 40VistafjordCunard19732429201:06:2504:17Later Saga Ruby
Episode 41Pride of RotterdamP&O Ferries20015992500:01:3001:56Arrival at Hull
Episode 41SagaSwedish Lloyd1966788300:03:2602:54Sailing from Hull
Episode 41NorwaveP&O1965430600:06:2000:17Sailing from Hull
Episode 41SperoEllermans Wilson Line1969691600:06:3700:50
Episode 41PrestoEllermans Wilson Line194327600:06:3700:50Tug. Numerous appearances in the episode
Episode 41BravoEllermans Wilson Line1947179800:07:2721:28Documentary on port turnaround of “Bravo” in the 1950s
Episode 41BacicinComm. Guiseppe Bozzo1943697900:16:1200:30Ex- “Fort Acton”
Episode 41TasmaniaSaid to be ex-“Steenbok” but doubtful
Episode 41AppianHilmar Reksten, Bergen1950190000:33:3000:03
Episode 41AlstertalJ A Reinecke, Hamburg1952261600:33:3400:05
Episode 41Ria de el FerrolSiderurgica Asturiana S A, Cadiz1921218500:33:4800:27
Episode 41Baron MaclayH Hogarth1959806700:34:1500:10
Episode 41City of GlasgowEllerman & Bucknall19631001700:34:4500:09
Episode 41Kahlberg00:36:2900:07Reg: Lubeck
Episode 41SpecialistT & J Harrison1943726300:36:4100:34
Episode 41City of KhartoumEllerman Hall Line1946995500:37:1500:30
Episode 41Wingfield CastleBTC Eastern Region193455000:38:1001:00
Episode 41CzechPolish Ocean Lines1934365000:39:1001:05
Episode 41City of GloucesterEllerman & Bucknall1963480300:41:0301:14
Episode 41GraciaGerner Mathiesen, Oslo195140000:41:1701:03
Episode 41DorsetbrookComben Longstaffe19571132800:45:1200:18
Episode 41SignalityF T Everard193748700:45:5800:07
Episode 41ZaanstroomN V Hollandsche S M195249600:45:2000:08
Episode 41Tom pudding lighters00:47:5500:15Unique transport system
Episode 41StabilityF T Everard1949149000:48:1000:23
Episode 41Pilot boat No 2Hull00:49:3500:15
Episode 41GuardsmanUnited Towing194632900:50:3000:40Tug
Episode 41CiceroEllermans Wilson Line1954249700:51:1000:50Locking in at Hull with tug Forto
Episode 41NorwindP&O Ferries1965430600:52:1000:08
Episode 41HuntingdonFederal Line19481128100:52:2401:14Locking in at Hull with tug Forto
Episode 41SilksworthR S Dalgliesh19641655300:53:3800:52
Episode 41Seeadler79300:54:4500:37
Episode 41BaltroverUnited Baltic1949217900:56:2700:28
Episode 41Winston ChurchillSail Training Association196621800:57:0001:00Sailing on maiden voyage
Episode 41Bolton AbbeyAssociated Humber Lines1957274000:58:5000:25
Episode 41Scottish TraderTrader Navigation1948559000:59:1500:48Not the same vessel as “Scottish Trader” later in this film
Episode 41Stella LeonisRoss Group196077500:59:5900:28Trawler H322
Episode 41BorodinoEllermans Wilson Line1950320601:02:3800:42
Episode 41TintoEllermans Wilson Line1947179501:06:2300:17
Episode 42Port VindexPort Line19431048900:02:2600:12Ex- HMS Vindex, escort carrier
Episode 42SurreyFederal Line1952822700:02:3800:12
Episode 42Black PrincePrince Line1955327100:02:5000:20
Episode 42AmicusW H Seager & Co1944712500:03:1700:15
Episode 42CerinthusHadley Shipping1954726500:03:3200:18
Episode 42SurreyFederal Line1952822700:03:5001:40Sailing from Cardiff
Episode 42SupremityF T Everard1944207400:07:3700:04
Episode 42UsksideUskside S S Co. Newport1946292000:09:0000:30
Episode 42MaritihiChandris1943720000:09:3000:44Liberty ship. Ex- John W Garrett
Episode 42TaySloane195179100:11:4900:15
Episode 42Cornelia MaerskA P Møller00:12:0400:06
Episode 42Bristol QueenP & A Campbell194696100:12:2400:15Paddle steamer
Episode 42Prinses MargrietOKFS500000:12:3900:15
Episode 42BeckyA/B Transmarin, Helsingborg1945186800:12:5400:18
Episode 42AcclivityF T Everard1929117900:16:3200:22
Episode 42Moray Firth IV196061200:16:5400:24
Episode 42HanetiaShell19571210000:19:1100:15Tanker
Episode 42DunkertonHolms of Bristol193450500:20:4800:13Sand and gravel dredger
Episode 42Brunsland00:22:3001:10Tanker
Episode 42GeestbayGeest1964789100:23:4000:20
Episode 42PriamosGothenburg193000:24:0600:37
Episode 42Kathleen & MayTommy Jewell190013600:24:4300:21Coastal schooner
Episode 42MemnonBlue Funnel Line1959850400:25:4503:10
Episode 42Halifax CityBristol City Line1964664700:29:0600:07
Episode 42Sir LancelotRFA1964555000:30:5014:00
Episode 42CanberraP&O19614527000:32:0800:30
Episode 42KaraghistanStrick1957750000:38:5200:14
Episode 42Cunard PrincessCunard19751749600:44:5014:10
Episode 43Royal SovereignGeneral Steam Nav Co1948185100:02:4913:27Thames voyage to Southend and Margate
Episode 43AmazonRoyal Mail19592034800:06:0800:53In Royal Docks
Episode 43KenyaBritish India19511443400:07:0100:19In Royal Docks
Episode 43OtaioNew Zealand Shipping Co19581200000:07:2000:05In Royal Docks
Episode 43CorinthicShaw, Savill & Albion19471568200:07:2500:26In Royal Docks
Episode 43Port NicholsonPort Line19621171100:08:5100:18In Royal Docks
Episode 43AlauniaCunard1960700400:09:0900:16In Royal Docks
Episode 43RuahineNew Zealand Shipping Co19511785100:09:2500:12In Royal Docks
Episode 43Clan MalcolmClan Line1957800000:09:3700:13In Royal Docks
Episode 43DelphicShaw, Savill & Albion19491069100:09:5600:11In Royal Docks
Episode 43Port LauncestonPort Line1957895700:10:0700:17In Royal Docks
Episode 43TS WorcesterThames Nautical Training College190500:11:0000:10Training vessel moored at Greenhithe
Episode 43PatriciaSwedish Lloyd1926390200:11:3800:13At Tilbury
Episode 43UgandaBritish India19521443000:16:2414:36
Episode 43Queen ElizabethCunard19408367300:31:0004:19First voyage after WW2, sailing from Southampton
Episode 43Queen MaryCunard19368123700:31:3003:49Wartime film trooping
Episode 43AndesRoyal Mail19392567600:38:2400:57Passing “QM” in Solent
Episode 43Queen ElizabethCunard19408367300:42:5302:39Last cruise Dec 1968
Episode 43AndriaCunard1948724200:46:1000:42Capt Bil Warwick
Episode 43Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19696586300:46:5305:24Launch and fitting out 1969
Episode 43Santa CeciliaGrace Line1946820700:52:1804:07
Episode 43Santa MariaGrace Line19631444200:56:2507:40
Episode 43Santa CeciliaGrace Line194682071:04:0502:27
Episode 43Santa MariaGrace Line1963144421:06:3209:28Passage through Straits of Magellan
Episode 44Crested CockGamecock Tugs193517700:03:0300:09Tug
Episode 44ContestElliott Steam Tugs193321300:03:1200:04Tug
Episode 44Queen of the SouthCoastal Steam Packet Co193163500:03:1600:12Paddle steamer ex- “Jeanie Deans” LNER
Episode 44Glen StrathallanKing Edward VIII Nautical College192833000:03:2800:06Ex- trawler, then yacht, and armed yacht in WW2
Episode 44CatherineBritish Railways ER196121400:03:3400:36Gravesend ferry
Episode 44Mikhail Kalinin (one of this class)BGMP1958487100:04:3900:21Soviet cruise ship at Tilbury
Episode 44PussurPakistan1965879800:06:2200:08Ex- “Teesta”
Episode 44IoniaWilliam Watkins195134600:06:3600:07Tug. Ex- “St Mawes”
Episode 44DanubeTilbury Contracting00:07:5600:16tug
Episode 44MahseerT & J Brocklebank1948894500:09:5800:31
Episode 44Shimane MaruNYK ?00:11:0000:38
Episode 44CabbyLondon & Rochester19287600:11:3800:21Aux sailing barge
Episode 44Queen ElizabethThames Launches192600:11:4200:06Thames launch
Episode 44Port HobartPort Line19451113800:12:1000:33Ex- “Empire Wessex”
Episode 44City of DurbanEllerman Lines19541334500:13:2701:17
Episode 44ThorneyPLA194313700:15:0001:00tug
Episode 44ButendiekGerman49700:16:2800:28
Episode 44CatfordSEGB1948272400:17:1600:19Flatiron collier
Episode 44American ChampionUnited States Lines1963800000:17:3500:49
Episode 44BeaveroakCanadian Pacific1965710500:19:2000:56
Episode 44PatraiaHellenic Lines1947275400:23:2900:36Ex-“Empire Patrai”
Episode 44EnaR & W Paul19067300:23:5000:15Aux sailing barge. Dunkirk Little Ship
Episode 44AngliaHellenic Line ?1944280000:24:0500:35
Episode 44TrentinoEllerman Wilson Line1952234000:25:5000:38
Episode 44Glen StrathallanKing Edward VIII Nautical College192833000:26:2800:27Ex- trawler, then yacht, and armed yacht in WW2
Episode 44Sir Joseph RawlinsonGLC1964225800:26:5500:32Sunk in 1965 after collision with tug “Danube VIII”. Raised and located in West India dock
Episode 44ThorneyPLA194313700:27:2800:22
Episode 44Tudorose00:28:4500:17“Tosher” tug
Episode 44Alida GorthonStig. Gorthon1946363600:29:2900:19
Episode 44AssyriaCunard1950868300:29:5000:07
Episode 44City of HullEllerman Lines1947845800:29:5700:15
Episode 44AaroEllerman Wilson Line1960260000:31:2400:14
Episode 44BayardFred Olsen1951242100:31:3800:43
Episode 44English PrincePrince Line1954359600:32:0500:20
Episode 44HazelmoorWalter Runciman & Co1954557200:32:2500:05
Episode 44Hammonia00:33:1000:04
Episode 44BelgionHellenic Lines1938189400:33:3000:36
Episode 44California StarBlue Star Line1945793000:34:0600:19Ex- “Tuscan Star”
Episode 44Baltic ExpressUnited Baltic1957292600:34:2700:30
Episode 44PallasFinnlines1953222000:35:0800:22
Episode 44Cutty Sark1869213300:36:4000:29Tea clipper in preservation
Episode 44BlendaDanish State Ry1956148100:37:3800:10
Episode 44PozaricaMacAndrews1949250300:37:4400:16
Episode 44Clan MackindoeClan Line1959899100:38:5300:18
Episode 44BasilBooth Line1939491300:39:1100:42
Episode 44PhilomelGeneral Steam Nav Co1928120200:40:3200:59Ex- “Gromingen”
Episode 44Iberian CoastCoast Lines1950119200:40:4500:08
Episode 44Ulster StarBlue Star Line19591041300:41:1600:12
Episode 44City of YorkEllerman Lines19531334500:41:2800:10
Episode 44KenyaBritish India S N Co19511443400:41:3800:09
Episode 44BankuraBritish India S N Co1959679300:41:4700:07
Episode 44Port LauncestonPort Line1957895700:41:5400:09
Episode 44CorfuP & O S N Co19311428000:42:0300:27
Episode 44Dominion MonarchShaw, Savill & Albion19392646300:42:3200:16
Episode 44BrittanyRoyal Mail1946508900:42:4800:20
Episode 44WoodlarkGeneral Steam Nav Co195693300:43:1500:03
Episode 44AssyriaCunard1950868300:43:1800:08
Episode 44OnitshaElder Dempster1952580200:43:4000:22
Episode 44BritanniaSwedish Lloyd1929460000:44:0200:12
Episode 44AragonRoyal Mail19592030600:44:1400:25
Episode 44Rosita1957244700:44:5000:20
Episode 44City of CarlisleEllerman Lines1946991300:45:1000:38
Episode 44OrcadesOrient Line19482816400:45:4800:16
Episode 44Argentina StarBlue Star Line19471071600:46:0402:41
Episode 44ContestElliott Steam Tug193321300:46:4900:36Tug, assisting “Argentina Star”
Episode 44MasirahT & J Brocklebank1957873300:50:0001:50
Episode 44Port AdelaidePort Line1951810600:52:0000:42
Episode 44El CapeteroGolfin Atlantic1952274300:52:4200:49Charter to Holland-America
Episode 44Rothesay CastleUnion Castle Line1960965000:54:4100:39
Episode 44BenlarigBen Line1944990400:55:3000:30Ex- “Javanese Prince”
Episode 44City of ExeterEllerman Lines19531334500:56:4800:33tug
Episode 44BenalderBen Line1949787700:58:2001:32
Episode 44JavaWilliam Watkins190512800:59:1500:10Tug assisting “Benalder”
Episode 45River WisdomCosco19944816100:03:1702:23At Miraflores lock
Episode 45Hanjin IreneHanjin Shipping19945157100:06:0401:22Double-barrelling at Miraflores lock
Episode 45AnconBoston Steamship Company1901960600:08:5500:26First ship through canal on 5th August 1914. Still picture
Episode 45RimutakaNew Zealand Shipping Co19221650400:09:2400:11Ex-“Mongolia”
Episode 45MauretaniaCunard SS Co19073193800:15:0004:51At Colon during Caribbean cruise. No canal transit. Travelogue sequence. Sailing from Colon for Liverpool
Episode 45BritannicCunard White Star19302694300:19:5104:16Sailing from Liverpool. Sequences on board. At Colon. No canal transit. Travelogue
Episode 45DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery19712021600:24:33Film taken during Maritime Memories cruise in 2005. Various sequences, at anchor Panama, Centennial bridge, Galliard cut, transiting canal, at Miraflores lock.
Episode 45Regal PrincessPrincess Cruises19916984500:25:0602:40At Miraflores lock
Episode 45Indian OceanSalen?19891082900:37:1300:08Reefer. Moored to buoys at Pedro Miguel
Episode 45BenwyvisBen Line1945783200:42:2401:03Canal transit in 1950’s
Episode 45Port LyttletonPort Line1947741300:44:0500:44Canal transit in 1950’s
Episode 45Concord BridgeKKK Line19984754100:45:2700:45Container.
Episode 45HuntingdonFederal Line19481128000:46:1200:45Transiting locks
Episode 45Southern CrossShaw Savill and Albion19542020400:47:3600:36In Galliard cut
Episode 45Cunard PrincessCunard19771749600:48:3001:56At Cristobal in late 1970’s, in Galliard cut
Episode 45Santa Maria?Delta Line19801122100:50:4101:09At Miraflores lock
Episode 45Norwegian SunNCL20007830900:52:5802:27Passing “Discovery” in Gatun Lake
Episode 45OrianaP&O-Orient Line19594191000:55:5703:00During canal transit
Episode 45CaroniaCunard19473417200:58:5700:49During canal transit
Episode 45GothicShaw, Savill and Albion19471500000:59:5700:42Film during royal voyage
Episode 45Baltic SeaSalen?1973689201:01:2500:27Reefer, in Gatun lake
Episode 45Matilda MaerskMaersk201519484901:04:2100:07Still pic
Episode 45City of BrisbaneEllerman19511059601:04:5701:34Film on board during canal transit
Episode 46Warpin ?187300:01:3200:48Swedish preserved steam launch
Episode 46GlenartneyGlen Line1940899200:02:2008:12Sailing from New York for the Far East. Scenes at Singapore. Suez canal/Great Bitter Lakes. Bad weather scenes. Arriving Liverpool
Episode 46CentaurBlue Funnel826200:06:4500:24
Episode 46OrcadesOrient Line00:07:3200:12At Aden
Episode 46Gloucester CityBristol City Line1954558100:10:3202:28Swansea to N. America
Episode 46Montreal CityBristol City Line1945714500:13:0002:28Ex- “Fairmount Park”. Arriving USA
Episode 46Welsh CityReardon Smith1956813600:15:2808:25Loading in New York to South Africa. Suez canal transit inc. floating searchlight. Gibraltar. Arriving Newport
Episode 46PeleusBlue Funnel19491009300:23:5308:48Sequence arriving Point Lynas. Pilot Ted Small embarking. Bar LV. Alongside Gladstone dock. Scenes in the port of Liverpool
Episode 46BenlediBen Line1965779500:41:4122:00Promotional film from Ben Line featuring interview with William Thompson. Film of all their vessels as listed below
Episode 46BenlawersBen Line19447804
Episode 46BenlarigBen Line19448879
Episode 46BenrinnesBen Line19427142Ex-HMS Trouncer, auxiliary carrier
Episode 46BenhopeBen Line19459952
Episode 46BenvorlichBen Line19469767At Hong Kong
Episode 46BenmacdhuiBen Line19487845
Episode 46BenvenueBen Line19487845
Episode 46BenmhorBen Line19567716
Episode 46BennachieBen Line19498738
Episode 46BenattowBen Line19508083
Episode 46BenreochBen Line195210142
Episode 46BenvrackieBen Line195510142
Episode 46BenlomondBen Line195710142
Episode 46BenloyalBen Line195911463
Episode 46BengloeBen Line196111282
Episode 46BenvallaBen Line196211391
Episode 46BenarminBen Line196311362
Episode 46BenartyBen Line196310294
Episode 46BenalbanachBen Line196711898
Episode 46BenwyvisBen Line196611898
Episode 47GeorgicWhite Star Line19312775900:02:5200:05KGV dock London
Episode 47WooddarraBritish India S N Co1956875300:03:1000:20KGV dock London
Episode 47Baltic StarUnited Baltic1961176900:04:1500:05
Episode 47MSC UndineMSC196512700:04:4002:00Tug. Manchester No 9 dock
Episode 47Manchester MarinerManchester Liners1955781500:05:3501:05Voyage up the MSC with tug “Talisman” to No 9 dock
Episode 47Reina del PacificoPacific S N Co19311787200:06:4300:09At Liverpool
Episode 47CaliforniaAnchor Line19231697200:06:5200:08Sailing from Liverpool Landing Stage
Episode 47AdriaticWhite Star Line19072454100:07:0000:22Sailing for New York
Episode 47AtheniaDonaldson Anchor Line19231346500:07:2500:06Anchored in the Mersey
Episode 47ScythiaCunard Line19201993000:07:3100:17Arriving in the Mersey
Episode 47LancastriaCunard Line19221624300:07:4800:32Arriving Liverpool LS
Episode 47MauretaniaCunard Line19393567700:08:2000:58Sailing from Liverpool LS on maiden voyage
Episode 47Van DyckLamport & Holt19211323300:08:3200:46Sailing from Liverpool LS
Episode 47Canadian StarBlue Star Line1957662000:09:3000:34In Gladstone dock Liverpool
Episode 47Norman PrincePrince Line1956270900:10:3500:31Arriving Gladstone dock, Liverpool
Episode 47CarinthiaCunard Line19562194700:11:0601:32Arriving Liverpool Gladstone dock entrance
Episode 47Empress of EnglandCanadian Pacific S N Co19572550000:12:3800:25In Gladstone dock
Episode 47Port VindexPort Line19431048900:13:5700:05At Swansea
Episode 47SurreyFederal Line1952822700:14:0200:38Sailing from Swansea
Episode 47HimalayaP&O S N Co19492795500:14:5300:57Embarking pax and sailing from Tilbury
Episode 47Spirit of FranceP&O Ferries20124759200:18:2900:18Dover/Calais ferry
Episode 47Pride of KentP&O Ferries19922044600:18:4700:41Dover/Calais ferry
Episode 47OrcadesOrient Line19482840700:20:0001:20Boat train “Ocean Liner Express” dep. Waterloo for Southampton. Departing Ocean Terminal for Mediterranean cruise
Episode 47Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764000:22:0800:18Boat train leaving Waterloo hauled by SR 35002 “Union Castle” MN Class loco. Sailing from Southampton
Episode 47VindicatrixTraining ship00:22:1800:59At Sharpness. Scenes on board
Episode 47Gravesend Training school00:23:1700:58
Episode 47Worcester00:24:1500:32Scenes on board
Episode 47Prince of Wales00:24:4702:39Training school Dover
Episode 47PartingtonWarsash00:27:2600:43Warsash Engineer training vessel
Episode 47BenloyalBen Line19591146300:29:3201:58Cadet joining first ship in KGV dock London. Loading. Sailing for Far E
Episode 47Port SydneyPort Line1955999200:31:3002:17Deck boy signing on at the “Pool” Brit. Shipping Federation offices London. Joining ship Albert Dock
Episode 47ChantalaBritish India S N Co1950755100:33:4702:18Cadetship. Scenes on board
Episode 47Port SydneyPort Line1955999200:36:0601:45Sailing from KGV London. Scenes on board inc. Doxford engine
Episode 47BengloeBen Line19611141600:37:5200:49Launch from C Connell yard
Episode 47Windsor CastleUnion Castle19603764300:38:4100:59Launch at Cammell Lairds yard, Birkenhead
Episode 47Crystal CubeSugar Line1955868000:39:4000:41Launch at Glasgow
Episode 47Port MelbournePort Line19551020300:40:2100:31Launch at Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Episode 47AdventurerT & J Harrison1960897100:40:5200:34Launch at Doxford yard, Pallion
Episode 47OrianaOrient Line19604192300:41:2601:00Launch at Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness
Episode 47CanberraP&O S N Co19614527900:42:2601:14Launch at Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Episode 47LusitaniaCunard Line19073155000:43:4002:21Passengers joining at New York 1914. Sailing on her last voyage
Episode 47OlympicWhite Star Line19104523400:46:0102:27Scenes on board
Episode 47LancastriaCunard Line19221624300:48:2801:11Scenes on board. Mediterranean cruise ore-war. Ex- “Tyrrhenia”, sunk 1940
Episode 47Jervis BayAberdeen & Commonwealth19221383900:49:3900:56Still pictures
Episode 47DiscoveryVoyages of Discovery19712021600:51:4015:35Film of the veterans voyage to Murmansk in July 2009
Episode 47Queen ElizabethCunard Line19408367301:07:1501:05Boat Train “The Cunarder” from Waterloo to Southampton. Boarding at Ocean Terminal, sailing.
Episode 47Empress of EnglandCanadian Pacific S N Co19572550001:08:2000:35Boat train to Liverpool. Sailing from Pier Head
Episode 47Queen MaryCunard Line19368123701:08:5501:05Sailing from New York
Episode 47AuthorT & J Harrison1959871501:10:0000:12
Episode 47AureolElder Dempster19511408301:10:1500:30Sailing from a W African port
Episode 47Ikeja PalmPalm Line1961565001:10:4001:10River Niger transit
Episode 47HuntingdonFederal Line19481128001:12:3000:20Panama canal transit
Episode 47OtaioNew Zealand Shipping19581200001:12:5002:40Extreme hurricane
Episode 47Port Scenes – Newcastle00:15:5001:07Period film of the port and river traffic
Episode 47Port scenes – Glasgow00:16:5701:31Period film of the port and river traffic
Episode 48ForthCarron Line1928105800:05:0001:50Voyage London to Grangemouth in 1933
Episode 48Royal DaffodilGeneral Steam Navigation1939206100:06:5000:17
Episode 48CantonP&O19381603300:09:0000:10
Episode 48CaledoniaCaledonian S P Co193462300:09:4000:05Clyde steamer
Episode 48DevonshireBibby19391127500:10:3400:04
Episode 48Northern StarShaw, Savill & Albion19622473100:11:5013:25
Episode 48Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard19687032700:20:0000:25Sailing from Southampton for Fremantle
Episode 48Fedor ShalyapinFar Eastern Shipping Co (USSSR)19552171700:25:1501:25Ex- “Ivernia” and “Franconia”
Episode 48PatrisChandris Lines19501840000:26:4000:30Ex- “Bloemfontein Castle”
Episode 48AkaroaShaw, Savill & Albion00:27:1001:45Ex- “Amazon” Royal Mail
Episode 48CanberraP&O19614527000:28:5500:35
Episode 48OrianaOrient Line19594191000:29:3000:55
Episode 48Queen FredericaChandris Lines19271722600:32:5001:16Ex- “Malolo”, “Matsonia” and “Atlantic”
Episode 48Southern CrossShaw, Savill & Albion19552020400:35:2000:40
Episode 48CarpentariaBritish India S N Co1949726800:36:0001:00
Episode 48CathayP&O19571353100:37:0000:21
Episode 48CentaurBlue Funnel Line1964826200:37:2100:15
Episode 48MalaysiaAustasia Line1955789800:37:3600:40Ex- “Hubert” Booth Line
Episode 48Eastern AcademyGulf Shipping/Laggan Bay19581331400:43:4000:53Ex- “Otaio”
Episode 48Galileo GalileiiLloyd Triestino19632788800:44:5200:53
Episode 48Felix DzerzhinskiFESCO00:45:4300:54
Episode 48Queen of BermudaFurness Withy19332257500:56:3503:20
Episode 49MauretaniaCunard S S Co19393567700:03:3500:15
Episode 49BritannicCunard S S Co19302766600:03:5000:09
Episode 49ParthiaCunard S S Co19481336200:03:5900:18
Episode 49SamariaCunard S S Co19211984800:04:1700:08
Episode 49CaroniaCunard S S Co19483418300:04:2500:18
Episode 49Queen MaryCunard S S Co19368123700:04:4300:20
Episode 49Queen ElizabethCunard S S Co19408367300:05:0319:27Voyage to New York and Caribbean cruise
Episode 49Durban CastleUnion Castle19381738200:24:3019:45Voyage from Rotterdam to Mombasa
Episode 49Stirling CastleUnion Castle19362555400:37:0000:11
Episode 49Pretoria CastleUnion Castle19482870500:37:1101:09
Episode 49RuysRoyal Rotterdam Lloyd19472111900:38:4500:10
Episode 49Athlone CastleUnion Castle19362556700:40:0000:40
Episode 49OrsovaOrient Line19542879000:44:2023:43Voyage Southampton to Caribbean
Episode 49ChusanP&O19502421500:45:5000:03
Episode 49IberiaP&O19542961400:45:5300:49
Episode 49CaroniaCunard S S Co19483418300:46:4200:12
Episode 49FunchalCTM1961956301:04:3000:20
Episode 49SagafjordNorwegian America19652452801:06:1400:07
Episode 49OrcadesOrient Line19482816401:06:3300:05
Episode 49OrianaOrient Line19594191001:06:4200:08
Episode 49Victoria and AlbertRoyal Yacht1899470001:08:0802:00Christening at Pembroke dock 1899

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