The Queen of Bermuda sailing on maiden voyage

Pier 95 was once the home of Furness Withy ships and perhaps the most famous of these was the handsome “Queen of Bermuda” Fondly known as the millionaires yacht. She took the rich and famous such as the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers, and movie stars like Clark Gable and Shirley Temple and authors such as Hemmingway and Noel Coward on voyages to and from Bermuda.

Americans loved the Queen of Bermuda so much that they even chose her to star in the largest photograph ever manufactured, 60ft long and 18ft high, to display on the concourse of Grand Central Station.

Once again we asked Robert to do a painting that would capture an important moment in time for this iconic ship, which is what he has managed to do here, showing her leaving her berth on her first post war voyage from New York. Oh to be able to return to the splendour of those halcyon maritime days.

The size of this painting, framed in antique guilt is 37″ X 28″” inches and is featured on the front of Episode 12 in the Great Liners Video series, “From Broadway to Bermuda“.



How to buy

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