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November 2021


What’s the problem with our world
It never was this way
How well I remember days of old
When we could laugh and play
So now let me take you back in time
To those wonderful years
When all we needed for happiness
Was just a couple of beers
And maybe just a dance or two
Or a bit of meat and sprouts
Or even the thrills of a special night
Enjoying ourselves at the Scout

So many of us back then joined the Scouts, Guides, Brownies, and when very little, the Beavers and  Cubs, which were such an important part of many of our lives… Well in truth they were a godsend for there were few organisations other than perhaps a youth club where young people could go and associate with others, where to have fun, play sports, be educated in the ways of life and the world we lived in, and perhaps above all to learn to feel the pride associated in being part of something so special. It was as if we were playing a part in life that made us truly worthwhile, a lesson that would help us to negotiate the often complicated pathways of our lives.

The small local halls or even sheds where the various groups held their meetings were almost sacrosanct and when the time came to sew our very first achievement badges onto our uniforms the surge of pride we felt was one of those amazing moments in life, and with each additional badge, so our pride and confidence grew.    I cast my mind back and smile a thank you to all the wonderful mums and dads who used to give so much of their precious time to us rowdy kids, for without them we would have all missed so much… Mind you, it wasn’t all plain and happy sailing for I recall how on my very first evening at Scouts our Scout Master ordered me to put on the  kettle to make tea… Well this being my first scouting assignment made me more than a little nervous but nevertheless I boldly sort of marched off to the little wooden kitchen where I carefully filled up the king sized kettle, plonked it on the old stove and then left it to get up steam ready for making the tea… Yes, I had done it… I wondered if I would get my first proficiency badge for making the tea, especially on my very first day in the Scouts, but sadly that wasn’t to be for I was always a child with a drifting mind, as was the case on this memorable occasion and as I waited for the kettle to boil, so I sat on the steps outside the kitchen door, to rest and dozily day dream in the warmth of the evening sun… Then suddenly the scream of  “Fire, fire, fire! from our Scout Master brought me back into the real world as he came charging into the now flaming kitchen… Oh my god, I’d only been in the Scouts for an hour and somehow I’d managed to set fire to their precious old wooden hut already, and now the whole place was going up in flames…”Everyone out… out, out” Screamed the Scout Master,  “and someone run to the fire station and get a fire engine here quickly!”



Sadly I wasn’t awarded a proficiency badge for my tea making efforts, in fact I was in a state of innocent bewilderment… What would my old mum say when I got back home for she, wanting so much to be able to be proud of her little boy, would almost certainly ask me how my first time at Scouts went… “Well Mum, and it really wasn’t my fault, but I…I somehow managed to burn the Scout Hut down!”  “You Did What!”  Her face turned from white to red to purple and her eyes stood out in flabbergasted fury, and sadly the Scouts wouldn’t  allow me anywhere near them and me mum made doubly sure I wouldn’t be going anywhere else where I might do something that would launch her fury again,  not that there was anywhere else for me to go to.

I wish I could have played a more active and promising role during my time in the Scouts. So to try and make up for my gross incompetence I decided later in life that I should make amends even if to ease the lasting damage I did to my own badly injured conscience and mind.  I decided to write a screenplay telling the story of Scouting and of the extraordinary tenacity and mind of just one man  Lord Baden Powell, who managed to create the world’s biggest youth movement from just a handful of young boys he assembled to live rough in tents for many days on Brownsea Island in 1907, a small barren island situated in the outer reaches of Poole Harbour in Dorset.  He chose boys from all different backgrounds from the wealthiest to the poorest, and brought them together as one, foraging for food, cooking and doing all the things you need to do to survive in such a primitive camp. He had taken a huge chance and it could easily have all gone so badly wrong and ended in tears but it didn’t, in fact it was a huge success and gave birth to what would become the largest youth movement in the world, The Scouts, a movement that today has over 30 million members worldwide…

 It really is a remarkable story and after much hard work I managed to find the funding and situation that would allow me to have this so important story made into a major 70 minute TV documentary, ensuring that the unique story of Lord Baden Powell and his remarkable achievements will never be forgotten. As by way of my amends to all in Scouting, here now is that 70 min programme, so if you are or were ever involved with Scouting then now is your opportunity to see the whole story.



I couldn’t do all this on my own because to tell the whole story properly meant having to film all over the world, from the most southerly Scout camp in Australia to the most northerly one in the frozen Arctic…The Far East, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America plus of course, here in the UK and now this unique story will live forever. If you click on the link here it will take you to the relevant DVD on our website.

This 70 min  programme has been made to the highest Broadcast standards and costs the same as our other DVDs – £18.95 including UK p&p.  To order a copy go to our website at:  and if you want a digital version we can send this to you via WeTransfer.

Finally, the praise for episode (Number 50) in our Great Liners TV series, has been fantastic and really makes our work worthwhile so if you want a great Christmas present then what better than this.  Here is a typical email we’ve  received:

Dear Des,    As a good Southampton boy now living in landlocked north Derbyshire, I just wanted to say many congrats on the 50th Great Liner DVD. I am the proud owner of numbers 1 to 49 in the series. My wife has bought me all of them over the past 13 years for Christmas and birthdays and number 50 is top of my Christmas 2021 wish list.   All the programmes are fascinating and have brightened many a dark winter’s night. I have a particular soft spot for the Union-Castle liners and of course anything to do with the mighty Southampton Dock’s.   I hope there will be many more to come and a sincere thank you for the hours of pleasure they have given me. Best wishes.   John Abbott… 

Thanks John…Oh, before I go…The Scouts managed to claim on their insurance and had a brand new hut built… Do you think they might just award me with a proficiency badge for doing that!   …………Many thanks,   Des.