Happy New Year

Snowbow New Year Newsletter

Now the main part of this newsletter is a piece we had on the back of that great Maritime magazine, Sea Breezes, which we did specially to wish you all a Very Happy New Year, but as we are now well into the new year it may sound a little dated except we still wish you well, and with all the new vaccines coming on line then things are at last… looking good and we’re sure it will be a great year for us all.

The new piece on the back of Sea Breezes was specially designed to show you the enormous amount of work we have done over many years to bring you the greatest collection of rare maritime film in the world and yes, we have now produced 49 TV video documentaries showing you almost every ship that ever sailed during the 20th century, so if like us you are tired of today’s TV, then get some of these amazing DVDs for we promise, they will give you such wonderful maritime joy… If you love ships, nostalgia or both, then do yourselves a favour and watch these instead, because they are real moving films so you can see and enjoy shipping in all its magnificence … Then we’ll know that you are at last having a great new year…PS…I’ve had my jab!

Just a tiny sample of the thousands of ships and ports featured in  our remarkable, Award Winning series and remember, the content of every DVD is almost 100% rare, walking, talking film.  
If you would like to see the details of all the individual DVDs in this unique series then go to our website at:   www.snowbow.co.uk or just call us for a free brochure on  00 44 (0)1273 585391.

Enjoy our newsletter.