Robert G. Lloyd

When we first came across Robert Lloyd we knew right from the start that he had a very special talent.  At the time he was still a very young man but even then we could tell from his work that before too long, he would be one of the top maritime artists in the world and we were spot on.

Today he has become that artist and his work is considered by many within the maritime world to be the most technically accurate and visually stunning of recent times, which is why we had, even back in those early days, no hesitation in asking him to do the covers to our highly acclaimed series “The Great Liners”.

In truth, it was a big decision because that all important front cover had to be so right, but Robert was only too pleased to accept our challenge to paint everything from ships in stormy seas to sailing through tropical blue waters and the Panama and Suez Canals. We have also asked him to paint scenes of the world’s greatest ports, including London, Southampton, Liverpool, New York, San Francisco, Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong and so on, capturing them just as they were during their heyday

In our series of programmes we have surely covered just about every kind of vessel to have sailed the seven seas during the 20th Century and Robert has never ever let us down. Every time he has used his unique skills to create these wonderful master pieces of maritime art.

Today his work can be found all over the world in the collections of many of the world’s leading ship owners, managers and operators as well as private and museum collections world-wide.

He is now much sought after to illustrate the front covers of many shipping related books and magazines including:

‘Normandie’ by John Maxtone-Graham, W W Norton & Company, New York, London ISBN 978-0-393-06120-8

‘Great British Passenger Ships’ William H Miller, The History Press ISBN 978-0-7524-5662-1

‘SS Canberra’ William H Miller, Tempest Publishing ISBN 978-0-7525-4211-2

‘Harrisons of Liverpool’ Graeme Cubbin, World Ship Society ISBN 1-901703-48-7

Maritime prints by Robert G Lloyd


Notable Works

As well as private and corporate commissions, Robert’s work is featured heavily onboard the three current Cunard Liners Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. From stairwell paintings to large murals, his work depicts many of the historical ships owned by Cunard as well as depictions of the current fleet.

During 2008, Cunard commissioned a large painting of the Queen Elizabeth 2 showing her historic final arrival at Southampton. The painting itself was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen and was subsequently presented to the City of Southampton by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The painting was produced as a limited edition solid brass jigsaw puzzle which was supplied to HM The Queen at her request.

Other notable commissions include a series of 42 paintings completed for Qatargas of their technologically ground breaking Q-Max and Q-Flex Liquid Natural Gas Carriers.

We are delighted to have had this long association with Robert and been able to witness the rise in the perfection of his artistic talents and the international recognition he now receives.

I think I’m very fortunate for I have a special limited edition print of Robert’s painting of the New Zealand Shipping Companies RMS “Rangitata” in London’s Royal Docks.  This fantastic painting means so much to me and I never tire of looking at it, which is always the sign of a truly great piece of work.

Now, when I’m gone, well at least I have something for the family to remember me by, as well as being something that will also give them and future generations a glimpse of the life I once so fortunate to have experienced during the golden age of shipping.

Today we are so proud to be able to present to you all, the world’s largest collection of Robert Lloyd’s work in a special gallery of limited edition prints.

There’s something for everyone here and we think that every one of them is an absolute gem.  There are tugs, coasters, tankers, dry-cargo ships and passengers liners of ever shape and size including the once great trans-Atlantic liners that were so individually handsome and in their day, more famous than today’s pop music and Hollywood Movie stars.

We hope you enjoy looking through the myriad of maritime paintings in our new gallery. Oh and by the way, although the value of Robert’s work has more than doubled in price since we first encountered him, we have still managed to be able to offer these limited edition prints at a very special price for all our customers.

So, here’s your chance to choose the paintings you really enjoy, knowing that their value will almost certainly increase and, that they will be something special you can at some time hand on to your families.

Now where was the painting of another of my old ships, NZSCo’s Ruahine?