The Great Liners (Episode 25)


The Great Port of Bristol

As we slowly draw towards the conclusion of this remarkable series, we take a nostalgic look around the UK, visiting many of the famous sea-ports as they are today and then, with the use of more rare archive film never made public before, magically step back in time to the days when those same ports were absolutely full of ships of every shape and size.

The first place we visit on this maritime journey is Bristol, showing the modern workings of Portbury and Avonmouth and then with our rare archive film, go back to the days when ships used to sail right up the river Avon into the very heart of Bristol itself.

More archive film then takes us down river to Avonmouth in the days when hundreds of people worked in the port, in the dockside offices and aboard the many ships that filled every available berth. There are so many magnificent ships in this amazing production, but what is particularly pleasing for us is that at long last we are also able to show you so many of the smaller vessels that once played such an important part during the golden age of shipping; such as short-haul cargo ships, busy little coasters, paddle-steamers, tugs and other vessels that all played their own important roles during the golden age of shipping.

If you like ships for whatever reason, then this production is an absolute must to add to your collection.

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