The Great Liners (Episode 13)


The Queen Mary

Producer/writer Des Cox has searched the world for over ten years to find the rare archive film necessary to make this most brilliant production.

Now, using only moving film, most of which has never been made available to the public before, you can now step back in time to an age when our nation had pride in its achievements, and experience just what it was like to have sailed aboard the world’s most famous ocean liner, – Feel the excitement as you arrive in Southampton to join her for her maiden voyage and a little later, on the voyage she captured the prized Blue Riband for Cunard White Star and for a whole rejoicing nation.

You will share the joy and pride of those most momentous of maritime occasionsas if you were actually there in person, and see the ship as never been seen on video before: The bridge – decks – public rooms – restaurants – cabins – even crew working areas never seen before such as her secluded yet productive print- shop and her massive, cavernous engine rooms.

Sadly, there will never be another great ocean liner quite like the “Queen Mary” and there will never be another video made about her to equal the content and quality of this one. This video doesn’t contain any still pictures – footage of her in California today – or unnecessary interviews, only sensational, rare archive film, all shot professionally on 1 6mm film during her undisputed heyday as the Queen of the North Atlantic.

Produced to British Broadcast Standards it has a running time of approximately 59 mins and is widely accepted as being the only video ever made to do justice to the glorious “Queen Mary”.

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