The Great Liners (Episode 12)


Broadway to Bermuda

The videos from this most excellent series just get better and better. Episode 12 “From Broadway to Bermuda” gives an insight into the Furness Withy Group, once one of the largest shipping organizations in the world. Starting from very modest beginnings in Hartlepool in the late 1980s, Furness Withy grew to become one of the most successful Shipping Organizations in the world, operating over 1500 ships in their time.

This expertly produced video, using very rare archive film, takes vou to sea aboard some of the cargoes ships that once flew the Furness colours with pride. Pacific and Prince Line ships as well as a voyage aboard the “Newfoundland” which includes some of the best storm scenes ever on tilm, as it battles its way across the North Atlantic in a mid-winter hell.

The second half of the video takes us right back to the 1 920s to the Furness Bermuda Line, and the ships they operated from New York to Bermuda on what was once the most successful passenger liner route of all time. The marvelous old archive film, much of which the producers restored literally frame by frame, takes us right back to the founding of this service and on voyages aboard such famous liners as the “Bermuda” ~ “Monarch of Bermuda” ~ “Queen of Bermuda” and the “Ocean Monarch”.

We also get a short glimpse of the “Monarch of Bermuda” in her later life when she served onthe Australian emigrant trade as Shaw Savills “New Australia” Regardless of your nautical background, this video is a must, showing you a life at sea which has now long gone and sadly, will never return again. – Tremendous.

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