The Great Liners (Episode 15)


The Great Port of Southampton

So many people have contributed rare archive film, most of which has never been made public before, to enable us to make this video which we believe does justice to Southampton, the United Kingdom’s premier passenger port.

We go right back to the turn of the last century and follow the story of the port through its truly glorious years when every berth was taken by the world’s most famous liners, their magnificent funnels towering over all. The superb archive film in this production actually allows us to also join a German liner for a cruise to North Africa in 1938 and to cross the Atlantic aboard one of the world’s truly great liners, the magnificent “Normandie”.

There are so many rare ships in this video, big ones, small ones, coasters, cargo ships, tugs, ferries. All sights we never thought we would ever see again. We look at Southampton through the war years and through ups and downs right up to the present time and how the great ships have returned to make it one of the world’s busiest ports once again.

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