The Great Liners (Episode 41)


The Great Ports of Hull, Immingham, Grimsby, Goole and Selby

With the use of more very rare archive film, all unique to us, in the 40th episode we take you back in time to experience just what it was like to have been in these great East Coast ports in their heyday. The carefully restored film and sounds enables us to feel as though we are actually there in the docks, surrounded by so many ships of every shape and size, and the many Dockers and shore workers that were once an everyday part of those exciting maritime places

The programme is 70 minutes long and most of this rare film has never been made public before, so it really is a very special treat. For me, well I just loved being taken back to those bleak yet so wonderful days, days when even someone armed with a cine camera could just wander around the docks without fear of being stopped, questioned and then thrown out. Thank goodness they could, or else we would never had been able to make this amazing programme, and all the wonderful scenes it contains would have been lost forever… What a tragedy that would have been.

There is so much for you to enjoy in this very special programme.

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