The Great Liners (Episode 27)


The Great Port of Liverpool (Part 2)

What a treat it is for us to be able to show you even more rare archive film of the great port of Liverpool, the Mersey and the surrounding docks. This film, never made public before, once again enables us to step

almost magically back in time to those days when the Mersey was absolutely teeming with ships of every shape and size, all busily going about their work in helping to make this maritime arena one of the most famous sea ports in the world.

In the making of this series of ‘The Great Liners’ we never thought for one moment that we would ever be able to find and restore rare old film that would actually allow us to recreate the golden days of this great port; well now we have, so just settle down, pour yourself a nice little drink, switch on the video player and just let yourself drift back in time to the last century and to a time when names such as Blue Funnel, Harrison’s, Elder Dempster, Furness Withy, Canadian Pacific, Lamport and Holt, Blue Star, Ben Line, Palm Line, PSNC, NZCo, Cunard White Star, (the list just goes on and on and on) were all part of the daily life of this once great maritime stage.

But, as well as all the deep sea ships we are also able to show you wonderful footage of many of the myriad of small coasters, ferries, tugs and other small craft that were also so very much a part of the Mersey and the great Port of Liverpool.

More rare film allows us to show you just what it was like to have sailed aboard many of the great ships that could always be seen sailing in and out of the Mersey on voyages that took them to every far corner of the world.

If you enjoy this programme as much as we believe you will, then please spread the word for we need all the help we can get but, please do not make copies for your friends for no-matter how good your intentions are, it’s important to remember that to produce these programmes costs a considerable amount of money and unfortunately, neither Government or Lottery are willing to help us, so we have to raise every penny ourselves, which we do purely through sales. Every copy someone makes for a friend is vital funds lost to us and if we do not somehow raise sufficient funds then we have no option but to stop.

If you consider it important that we continue to produce these programmes and to create a lasting historical record of the golden age of shipping, then I know you will help us in this matter. These programmes are protected by copyright law and to copy them is illegal but we prefer to make this appeal to your good sense of honesty and fairness and thankfully, most of you really appreciate what we do and are exactly that.

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