The Great Liners (Episode 26)


The Great Port of Liverpool (Part 1)

At last we can start to show you the real magic of the Port of Liverpool as it was during its heyday; a time when it was one of the busiest and most famous maritime ports in the whole world.

Dozens of ships arrived and sailed with every tide and the whole port was one of constant activity as ships that served every corner of the world filled every berth available. For many of the ships featured in this unique production, Liverpool was their home port, Blue Funnel, Elder Dempster, Lamport & Holt, Canadian Pacific and so on, but there is also rare footage of overseas registered ships as well, that were also frequent visitors to this great port.

But, as well as all the deep sea ships there is also wonderful footage showing small coasters, ferries, tugs and other small craft, all busily about their daily business of helping to make the Port of Liverpool one of the most magical maritime stages in the world.

And then, to round it all off we give you something that we believe is a very special treat; not only do we show you those once great Canadian Pacific ‘Empress Liners’, we also take you on a complete voyage aboard two of them as they sail to and from Liverpool and Canada. This really is something very special.

So pour yourself a little drink and sit back to enjoy some truly remarkable maritime film as we take you back in time to the last century and to what we believe to be the golden age of the great Port of Liverpool

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