The Great Liners (Episode 19)


Ships to New Zealand (Part 2)

Outward Bound

In the second part of this four-part production we continue of follow many of the ships that once served the longest liner voyage on earth, sailing with their adventures as they transverse the oceans of the world on their outward voyages to New Zealand, some on the Easterly route via the stormy Bay of Biscay, Suez and Australia and other on the Westerly route, sailing through Atlantic storms to the Caribbean, Panama and then out into the Pacific Ocean calling at Tahiti, Pitcairn and the Fijian Islands, before finally arriving in New Zealand.

There are ships operated by The New Zealand Shipping Company, Federal Steam, Blue Star, Port Line, Shaw Savill and Ellerman’s, all magnificent vessels we never through we would ever see again. We’re both above and below decks and experience just what it was like to have sailed to New Zealand aboard these ships during the glorious years of shipping and the heyday of the British Merchant Navy.

Everyone involved with ships and the sea have their own very special stories to tell, for they really were for so many of us, ‘the best days of our lives’. So pour a little drink, put this video on and just enjoy those wonderful days all over again and let the memories and stories come flooding back. This really is a truly remarkable video.

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