My Internet Lover


My Internet lover

Format – MP3

The reason I wrote and recorded this song is because of the influence the internet has had on all our lives and in some cases, even taking over.

I knew people who searched the internet dating for the perfect love and also, heard how many time they were left cheated and defeated, so I decided to write and record this song, but to do so in a way that it would appeal to a global audience and all age groups.  Originally I showed it to one of the major record labels, but the first thing they said was, “Yes, we’ll put it out but you’ll have to rewrite the lyrics as some people might find them offensive, but if I’d done that then it would have been just another record, as is so often the case these days, so I decided to release it on the Indie Record market…

Now considering the Indie Record Market is so competitive with millions of tracks put out on it every month, I never thought I’d ever hear of it ever again so imagine my surprise when from out of nowhere it actually went to number One in both the European and Global Top 100 charts, and you can’t get better than that… So, do enjoy it.