In My Day


In My Day

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It would take too long to tell you the full story as to why I wrote and recorded this, but it happened aboard the magnificent Cunard Ocean Liner, QE2, when she was the premier cruise liner in the world… She was doing her world cruise out of New York and as I desperately needed to get to New Zealand to do some filming, the then President of Carnival, the company that owned the QE2, asked if in return for a free voyage to NZ, I would do some lecturers aboard her, and I agreed.

Well I don’t enjoy giving lecture too much but I do enjoy entertaining and especially making people laugh, so in the middle of what was supposed to have been a serious lecture, I suddenly picked up my guitar and said… “I feel so bad lecturing you, when really you should all be enjoying yourselves and having fun, so I now going to try to make up a song all about us and I’m going to call it… (I thought for a few moments)… I’m going to call it…In My Day. In the audience there were quite a few Hollywood celebrities but that didn’t bother me and so I just started to adlib and the words that came out of my head were… I wish it was my day again, I wish it was my day again, with bright eyes and smiles instead of dandruff and piles, I wish it was my day again…”  They started laughing and so I continued and they laughed and laughed so much that from then on instead of doing lectures, I made them laugh instead, so I hope it will make you laugh as well… That’s how this song came about… I hope you enjoy it.