The Great Liners (Episode 45)


The Great Panama Canal

One of the most requested subjects for us to cover in our Award Winning video series, The Great Liners, is the great Panama Canal, but to do this properly would involve trying to find rare archive film of its actual construction, the earliest ships transiting it, and ships through the ages, right up to the modern day… Well, after two years work we have managed to do this and the end result is the story of the Panama Canal as never seen before… We take you through the canal as it is today, whilst going back in time to see ships of all shapes and sizes using it through the ages, including the very earliest such as Cunard’s famous Mauretania 1, and White Star Line’s Georgic…We even take you down into the locks themselves to show you how they work and just what it’s like to stand down there as the great ships, almost within touching distance, negotiate their way, right before your eyes… It’s 70 mins of total maritime magic and something you will watched over and over again.

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