The Great Liners (Episode 34)


Arctic Convoy (Part 2)

From Leningrad to St. Petersburg

At long’ long last, the latest DVD from Snowbow is now available for you to order.

Titled “From Leningrad to St. Petersburg”, this 50 minute documentary, using more rare archive film, tells how the vital supplies taken to Russia aboard those notorious WW2 “Arctic Convoys” played such a major part in helping to save Russia from disaster in WW2 and in doing so, helped so many millions of its citizens from death.

We take as an example the city of Leningrad and how those vital convoy supplies helped it to survive the nightmare of the German siege. Hundreds of thousands perished during that horrendous siege, but supplies did eventually get through to the city, which helped it to break the siege and play its part in ending WW2; it also helped to give us the beautiful city of St. Petersburg today… we owe so much to those brave seafarers, who have been all but forgotten for so many years.

Priced the same as all our other DVDs, this programme, of which we have made a limited number available for our Snowbow people, is absolutely brilliant!

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