The Great Liners (Episode 33)


Arctic Convoy (Part 1)

The Worst Journey in the World

Those were the words Winston Churchill used to describe The WW2 Arctic Convoys to Russia; a wartime story that has been somewhat neglected in being told. Now at last we can bring you that story in a truly special way.

This TV documentary has taken two and half years to make, but the end result is a ground-breaking, powerful programme that, with the help of the Russian, Norwegian and British governments, the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Russian and Norwegian Armed forces, brings alive in a way never seen before, the true horror of those notorious convoys.

As some of the surviving Arctic Convoy veterans said after watching a preview of this programme. “We’ve watched every programme ever made about the WW2 convoys, but this is the first time we seen a programme that actually makes you feel that your back there, right in the middle of it all again.

It will probably be at least a year before this programme is shown on television, and because so many of you (Our Snowbow/Maritime Memories friends have done so much to help us in the making of it, we have decided to make available for you alone, a limited number of DVDs, so you can see it now, instead of having to wait for its general release.

We hope this is a programme that you will really enjoy.

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