The Great Liners (Episode 30)


The Great Port of Manchester

If you go down to the waterside in the City of Manchester today, there is little to remind us that it was once one of the world’s great sea-ports. The towering rows of luxury apartments, posh offices and high-class restaurants that line the sides of the old quaysides today were; not so very many years ago, home instead to rows and rows of towering cranes and magnificent ships.

Now, thanks to the discovery of more, rare archive film, we can take you back in time to show just what it was like to have lived in those special days and to have been part of The Great Port of Manchester. Back to a age when hundreds of ships sailed in and out of the port every year, carrying the vital raw materials for Britain’s industries and then taking our many exports back out to sea, to every far corner of the globe.

There were so many ships to be seen including those operated by such famous companies as Brocklebank, Harrison’s. Prince Line, Furness Withy and of course, Manchester Liners. All in all, this production is a treasure-trove of maritime history and so, if you ever served at sea or just like ships or enjoy real nostalgia, then this remarkable production is a must for your collection.

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