Jumping For Baloons


Jumping For Baloons

Jumping For Balloons (Part One)  is Des Cox’s Autobiography,  which sums up how he has gone through life jumping to try to reach every opportunity that came his way. But as you know, opportunities can be so much like balloons, sometimes lifting you to new and spectacular heights and at other times, well they just go pop and you fall all the way back down to earth again…  Des had many falls but he also managed to catch balloons that took him almost everywhere and got him involved in so many fascinating things ranging from his life at sea, his years in show business, films, TV Radio and concerts all over the world… he even managed to reach number one in the world’s top 100 indie record charts… his experiences really do just go on and on, which basically means that there are far too many to list here, but you will enjoy reading about them.

His many, many experiences started right back in WW2, when as a young kid he got involved is so many bizarre and strange incidents, many almost unbelievable, especially for kids of today.  These strange and often most abnormal   experiences continued all the way through his hectic life even to today, but although the book is unique in so many ways, Des’s main aim was to write it in a way that as well as being entertaining and a pleasure to read, he would also be able to take readers back in time with him, thereby taking them back to their own early years and to the wonderful things and memories that were and are theirs to treasure.

Des started work as a milk boy when aged nine, having to get up every morning all year ‘round at 4.30. am regardless of weather, (Imagine kids of today doing that!)  and to do a milk round before school in order to help keep his family together.  It makes you laugh when you see on TV today yet more parents complaining bitterly about having to live in poverty, whilst behind them is a giant flat screen TV and an army of kids all with expensive iPhones and laptops… What would they do if they had to live as Des loved and how so many of you lived in those often difficult days, and yet back then no one complained, they just got on and made the most of it… Wish they could read this book, then they might just discover what real poverty is like, as it was for so many of us when growing up. So, no matter your background or who or what you are, you will love this book.

Not knowing how this book would be received first time round, we only printed two hundred copies but they sold out almost instantly and despite the print being a bit on the small side, people loved it and have been asking for the next volume ever since.  They also requested that we reprint this first volume in a larger size and print, thereby making it easier to read and to appreciate the illustrations throughout, so that’s what we’ve done, but anxious to keep it rare and special, we are still only doing a small print run of a couple of hundred, so grab it while you can, for here it is.

It really is so different from any bio you may have read before because it is seriously doubtful if any other people in the world have lived such a full and exciting life as Des… More successful, yes, but more exciting, doubtful because it really is difficult to believe the things he has done… talk about being hyperactive! But importantly, this book is just so interesting to read… It’s often emotional yet thoughtful and it takes you back in time to the world as it was back in those so different days, a time when we all had so much real freedom and fun, so unlike the world of today.  It is also packed with so many very funny stories, stories that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes.

The other interesting things is that for whatever reasons, Des has his own unique style of writing and expressing himself, which also adds to its enjoyment… One thing’s for certain, once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down, and after reading it you will feel so much happier about everything, and we promise, you will read it over and over again.

The cover looks so different from any other as if the writing and the story, for even in the crowded book world this book is just so unique in many ways and as we said, Des has a natural and wonderful gift of being able to describe things in such detail, almost as if he were sitting there with pen and paper, writing it now. He is also able to write about so many totally different things including the wonderful Children’s programmes and documentaries he has made, programmes for which he has won awards and acclaim from all over the world including a personal letter from the Queen Mother herself.  Someone wrote after reading this book to say that it captured the past in such a graphic way that it made you believe you had actually gone back in time for real, such was its way with words and another wrote:  I had hardly read the first chapter before I was falling off my chair with laughter… terrific. only read the first chapter and I almost fell off my chair with laughter.

One thing’s for sure, for this is a book that once you open the pages to read you won’t be able to put it down, and you will read it over and over again and every time you do, you will discover something new and intriguing that you somehow managed to miss when you read it before, which is always the sign of a very good book.

Des has written these books because he wants to try all he can to help bring more happiness into all of our lives and these books do exactly that, and when you finally put them down you will feel so much better than you did before you opened them. If you want your books signed then Des would be delighted to do so, because as we said, only a small number have been printed, so one day, all being well, they could be worth quite a lot.